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West Homer Elementary--5th Grade

Dates to Remember

February 27- Science Fair After School Work Time 3:30-4:30

February 28- Postcard Book Report due

March 5th- Instrumental Music Performance (for band students) 5:30pm @ the High School

March 6- Snowshoeing Field Trip

March 11-15- Spring Break

March 18- Science Fair Project due

March 25-29- Scholastic Book Fair in the Library

March 26- Family and Friends Night in the WHE Library 4:30-6:30 (drop in at anytime)

Classroom Happenings

Last week was a great one! We discussed and responded to our reading of R.J. Palacio's book, Wonder. Each reading lesson this week started with a personal response to a discussion question in your student's free write journal. After responding independently, students joined the class meeting circle where we discussed the topic together as a whole group. Following our discussion, students created six character trading cards as their final project for Wonder. The character cards are hanging in the hall for now but will be sent home soon! It was powerful to watch students make connections between Wonder and challening social situations they have experienced in their own lives. Students are definitely growing in their ability to make text-to-self connections!

In math, we reviewed fractions and started our unit on capacity, volume and weight. Students were introduced to the customary (gallon, quart, pint, cup) and metric (kiloliter, liter, milliliter) units of capacity. Do you need an excuse to clean the fridge? Empty and organize the fridge with your fifth grader this week while discussing these units together! The more life application we can put to our classroom learning, the more meaningful math learning becomes! And, who doesn't need a really good reason to clean the fridge?

Finally, in writing we identified themes within Wonder in small groups. Then, students selected one theme from the book to develop into a thesis statement. By the end of the week students had three paragraphs supporting their thesis. It was exciting to watch students identify theme and organize their thinking into an essay. We are continuing to work on including transition words, USP words (unusual, specific, and picture painting), and creating dynamic introductions that hook the reader and include a thesis statement. Your fifth grader is working hard!

Character Trading Cards---In the Making!

What's Next?

This week we will begin Fever 1793 By: Laurie Halse Anderson, a historical fiction novel. The main character, Mattie Cook, runs a coffeehouse with her mom in Philadelphia. The yellow fever is wiping out thousands in her city. Fever 1793 is the story of Mattie's fight through the yellow fever epidemic. This book ties in quite well with our social studies learning and is a great read too! In math, we will continue our work with capacity, volume, and mass. We will start the week taking a look at the measure of mass in the customary (ounce, pound, ton) and metric (kilogram, gram, milligram) systems. Finally, in writing we will begin our unit on argumentation. We will take a look at the importance of considering varying points of view and how to write effect supports that create a strong argument.

Postcard Book Reports are due February 28 (this Thursday)

Instrumental Music in the Schools- BAND STUDENTS ONLY

On March 5th band students will be making a trip to the high school to perform in front of community members along with the high school and middle school bands. The evening of March 5th there will be a second performance. All band students need to arrive at the Mariner Theater (at the high school) at 5:30pm. The performance starts at 6pm. See you there!

Science Fair

How is your child's science fair project progressing? We have a little bit less than a month to finish up our projects. If you have questions, concerns, or need supplies please let me know. I am also more than willing to print pictures for student presentation boards. If you have pictures that need to be printed you are welcome to email them to me, and I would be happy to send hard copies home with your child.

Mrs. Bynagle and I will be hosting a Science Fair Afterschool Workshop opportunity on February 27 from 3:30-4:30. Students are welcome to stay afterschool to work on their projects and receive teacher input and assistance. A ride home will need to be arranged prior to attending.

March 18--- Completed Project turned-in to Mrs. Putney

March 21 and 22--- Present Projects Orally to Class

March 25 and 26--- Science Fair Projects displayed in gym for public view

Library News

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming soon! Monday March 25th--Friday March 29, the Book Fair will be open all week during the school day.

Tuesday March 26th 4:30-6:30 is Family and Friends Fun Night at the Book Fair during the Science Fair with door prizes and refreshments. Come one and all and help support the library and enjoy your student’s hard work at the Science Fair!

The students go to the Book Fair during their regularly scheduled library classes and during after lunch recess. Teachers will also pick out books that they wish for in their classroom. Parents and students have a chance to buy a book and donate it to the classroom. A personal placard in the book denotes the donation.

There will be books, science kits, notebooks, posters and more—something for everyone! The students help me run the Book Fair. There will be lots of books and we will have lots of fun!!!!!!!

You can go to the following link and look at our Scholastic Book Fair Web Page:

See you there,

Lisa Whip

Cheryl Illg

West Homer Library

IXL Math Practice

Skills that align with our current math studies: M4, M5

Spelling and Vocabulary Practice

Play games and get extra practice with our weekly spelling and vocabulary words on If you need your child's password please let me know!