Healing in Nature Retreats

Step into a 5-day escape at the breathtaking Barrington tops

At Healing In Nature Retreats we introduce you to some of Australia's most beautiful waterfalls and rain-forests.

This is no stress get away, as all of your gourmet nourishing organic meals are prepared right before your eyes, as you learn how to feed your body what it truly needs and gain the tools you'll need to do the same in your everyday life.

We provide a door to door transport service, so all you need to do is pack your clothes and be ready for an amazing weekend away in the fresh air of Barrington Tops!

Some of the activities we will be doing over the 5 days include:

  • visiting the beautiful Lady's Well, a picturesque swimming spot with Cascades
  • learning how to cook and prepare mouth watering healthy food
  • Relax into Native American Indian drumming
  • Chanting and healing meditations by the wood fire at night
  • Daily morning Tai Chi and Qi gong methods for relaxation and clarity in life
  • Find your dream and live it with Art exercises
  • Making great new friends and having a fun and stimulating holiday.

The Retreat is suited to anyone who feels they need a breath of fresh air in life and want to come back refreshed, energised, relaxed, healthier, more vibrant, inspired and empowered. Creating a life they want to live and loving it everyday!

Come alone or invite Friends, family and partners. The experience that the retreat has to offer can be something incredibly special to share with those that you love!

You will be picked up on Saturday morning the 9th November 2013 and returned on Wednesday evening the 13th of November 2013.

Guaranteed To Change Your Life

Enliven, discover, breathe and be inspired as you realise your potential by moving mountains and breaking free of any barriers that have been holding you back. Leaving you free to connect to and live out your true desires and dreams.

Healing In Nature Retreat Testimonial

Thank you so much for the most amazing, relaxing and adventurous weekend ever full of laughs, I loved every minute of it. When I returned everyone said I look amazing and refreshed I have such great memories of the Retreat I cant thank you enough for the opportunity and how much my life has improved from what you have taught me.

- Kristie Wagstaff

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Nothing has impacted my growth and happiness this year as much as the 'Healing in Nature Retreat' that took place in Bellingen over the last few days.
Fresh morning Juice straight from the orange orchard and daily Tai Chi with a mountainous view were sure signs of an amazing day to come.
Each day delivered me with new opportunities to be challenged and to grow, as we ventured through Godwana rainforest, took part in artistic healing activities and mellowed out with new friends each evening around the camp-fire, I was content to find myself feeling happy, relaxed and well achieved as I overcame many of the obstacles that I had been allowing to get in the way of me moving forward in life.
I have so much gratitude for Benjamin for creating this organic retreat, as I now step back into my life as a stronger and more loving woman who can truly say that she is comfortable in her own skin.

-Dani Ralph

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