Today's singers Vs The Past Singers

By Crystal Stowers

todays vs the past

It’s obvious that when turning on popular radio stations today you will hear rap or pop. But some artists of today have forgotten the main components that make a truly talented artist. For example personality rhyming and telling a story.

Bands today vs bands in the past

Today's singers VS the past singers are very different like for example the top picture is a picture of fifth harmony and the bottom picture is styx. the type of music that is popular today is nothing like it was back than today all people care about is the bad stuff, back than there music was about love or whats going on in there life telling and also telling a story.

My Reaction

I really enjoyed learning more about the past vs the future singers and history and what i dint no while doing this project is that i actually listen to styx all the time with my parents there is alot of new but popular music but sometimes you need to take a brake and listen to the good old music.

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