People Living in small poor houses

May 12, 1913 By: Hunter C Brown

Poor family's having to live in very unsanitary and exstermly cramped housing

Throughout the very unsafe and dirty tenement neighborhoods, poor family's struggle with living off very low wages. All through the city low paying workers lived in these inadequate infrastructures. Staying healthy was very hard living in a tenement home. Sicknesses and disease went around such as in Cholera, Typhoid, Smallpox.

People living in the slums got diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia. The cause of these diseases were the lack of sanitation. In the tenement neighborhoods lacked indoor pluming, however the waste usually was thrown out on to the streets.

Housing must change In the slums! Why should these family' with kids live in terrible and unsanitary houses? Don't just watch theses people suffer do something!

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Follow up

After the life being shown as a slum family, New York passed the "Tenement House Act". This act required basic sanitation and health. Also the act required a outhouse for every 20 people. These rules didn't change anything at the time but later on things changed.