The Weekly

May 1-5

18 Days of School Til Summer!!

Student Led Conferences

If parents do not sign up for student led conferences, we will assign an alternate adult for their conference on May 16, 17, or 18. After conferences are over, please send Erika a list of kids who did not have a conference.

May Faculty Meeting

Thursday, May 18th, 4-6pm

2805 Longbranch Road

Union, KY

Gerry Swan from the University of Kentucky. If you want a quick preview, you can watch this link:

Dinner provided.

This week's staff events

    • MMM
    • Ward, Stambaugh, Bowles, Steele in parent meeting at 7:45am
    • Erika and Steph in virtual community coaching at 11am until 2pm
    • 4th field trip to environmental camp
    • Boot camp at 4:15


    • Erika at T and L at district office in morning
    • 5th to Ockerman
    • One to One reading celebration in library before school
    • North Key meeting (Palmer, Anderson, Stambaugh, Bowles) at noon
    • Student Led Conferences

    • PLCs--we will review your growth goals and talk about next year's goals
    • Boot camp at 4:15pm
    • Huddle at 8:20am
    • PBIS before school
    • Club Photos during morning
    • GOTR color run after school. Need color throwers.

      • Yes Team Leader
      • No Faculty Meeting
      • Student Led Conferences
      • Yes Lighthouse Meeting


      • Paraed morning and afternoon training--Topic is TLIM/Action Teams/Rubric/Lighthouse
      • PLT Lunch
      • Spirit Day/Popcorn Friday