Andrew Jackson, a villain or hero?

By: Sydney Crews

Andrew Jackson is a Villain.

Andrew Jackson Is a villain for one reason to me. The one major reason is that he forced all Native Americans on the east side of the Mississippi River to leave their homes. And anyone who didn't ended up dying. And anyone who did leave had a big risk of dying on their travel to their new home anyhow. But also he made treaties over and over and over again to get more land, but most of the time he broke the treaties. Also not to say the people didn't want Jackson to move the Native Americans and to let them be. The Supreme Court even said we can't take their land. But he continued to remove them and kill them. Even after the Native Americans gave up their ways to be like them, and some Native Americans even helped with the removal of the rest. The Native Americans gave up so much to help out and be good people but they ended up killed or moved to a place the didn't even know. Even though they promised protection and peace, he made them walk to trail of tears.