Gender Inequality

Don't Let Prejudice Get in The Way

What's gender inequality?

Gender inequality means prejudice against one gender, this leads to preferential treatment of the other gender. In many parts of the world, it is the females who suffer from gender inequality. (For example, two workers who are of the same qualifications but are of different genders. The employer would tend to choose the male worker for promotions and salary increments, and choose not to offer any of these benefits to the female worker.)

Where does gender inequality occur?

Gender discrimination happens in all countries around the world. According to the Gender Inequality Index, there is no country with total gender equality.

Extreme cases of gender inequality

Acid is thrown in the faces of girls who attend school in Afghanistan. There is a festival in India where boys go around breaking dolls made by their sisters or other young girls, to symbolize destroying the souls of the girls to ensure that they are not able to overthrow the male gender.

Problems faced in STTD (Gender inequality)

In STTD, girls and boys have expectations and were not allowed to change them. However, this limits the opportunities for girls and these opportunities are given to the boys instead. Girls are seen as inferior to men.

Our problems

Solving this problem is difficult due to a variety of reasons.

  1. When gender bias has been the norm for generations, it becomes a culture's tradition.
  2. When gender stereotypes are still being reinforced, gender inequality will continue to take place
  3. The gender who benefits from gender inequality (the males) would probably be unwilling to sacrifice those benefits for this cause.

Our solution

Although it is difficult to solve this problem. We think that we can help to solve this problem by altering our perspective. Prejudiced people should change their mindset and practice impartiality. We can use online flyers like these to change the views of other people.

We should also not promote the gender stereotypes, as it would only promote gender inequality. Children should be taught from young that each gender is equal. Young children are much easier to educate than adults as gender inequality is not the norm for them yet.


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