JFK and The Secret Service~

Did the Secret Service assassinate John F. Kennedy?

The Main Conspiracy Theory

There are plenty of theories out there about how John F. Kennedy's demise came about. Everything from the Mafia being blamed to the Pope himself coming up with the dark plot. However, we find that there's only one theory we can agree upon 100%; and that is that the Secret Service killed John F. Kennedy.

The Theory


~John F. Kennedy (President)
~Jacqueline Kennedy (FIrst Lady)
~George Hickey (SSA)
~Lee Harvey Oswald

Dealey Plaza, Main Street, Dallas, TX


~Friday, November 22, 1963, 12:30 P.M. CST.

This is how the basics of the theory go - many believe that as the first shot was fired, by Lee Harvey Oswald, Secret Service Agent George Hickey, an agent inexperienced in the protection of the president when in an automobile, responded immediately with return fire of his own. But as he pulled the trigger, the car he was in lurched, and instead the shot hit President John F. Kennedy, mortally wounding him.
But there are flaws to this theory suggesting it may have been on purpose.


The agency in charge of the president's safety had two motives for the assassination. On the one hand, the Service was staffed by a large number of Southerners who were alienated by Kennedy's civil rights policies. On the other hand, if the Secret Service failed to protect the president, they could blame it on poor resources and request more money, more men and more power.

Evidence and Details

Ballistics and firearms expert Howard Donahue, who analyzed the entirety of the scene, as well as all possible outcomes for the known bullets fired and so on, discovered many details of the assassination that made him believe that the above theory was true.

The Evidence is as Follows:
1. The trajectory that the bullet fatally wounding JFK was fired from (the angle, in simpler terms) was that of someone from behind Kennedy and slightly to the left.
The followup car was behind JFK, and in it was George Hickey.
Oswald fired from a completely different angle.

2. The bullet that mortally wounded Kennedy behaved like a high velocity, 'frangible' missile. The gun from which this bullet was shot was a Secret Service AR-15 gun.
The gun that Oswald possessed fired medium velocity, non frangible bullets.

To be clear, the gun that Hickey possessed was an AR-15, which happens to fire high velocity, frangible, missile-like bullets. In addition, the bullets Oswald possessed were only 6.5 mm- the entry wound in the head measured a diameter of 6.0 mm, the size of bullet which is used in AR-15's.

3. Several witnesses in Dealey Plaza claimed that two of the bullets fired were fired in rapid succession (2 gunshots went off together) ; the gun that Oswald possessed could not fire bullets quite so fast as this was said to occur. He owned a bolt-action Italian carbine. However, AR-15's are able to fire 10-15 rounds per minute.

Not long before the shooting, Secret Service agents assigned to the back of the car were called off, to their dismay and confusion. The back of the car was specifically designed for the agents to hold onto, and if needed act as human shields for the president by way of handle bars on the back of the vehicle. Why should they abandon this position in the middle of such a large crowd? From the video we found of the situation, it was more than obvious that the agents were confused, but they followed the direct orders of Agent Emory Roberts, who signalled them to back up off of the car.

The video above shows this event.

The Big Coverup


This was an account of the event, according to a man by the name of Dan Rathers, who at the time was a smalltime news reporter. After viewing the Zapruder film , which was a direct video of the incident in which JFK was shot, Dan Rathers proceeded to broadcast on television his account of what he had seen on the video. However, during the trial of CIA agent Clay Shaw, the Zapruder film was shown, and the big lie was revealed- Dan Rathers had claimed that the President's headed "rocketed forward" as the first bullet struck. But in truth, it had 'rocketed' backwards, hitting the seat of the car. Many people have speculated that the reason behind this lie was to throw more of the suspicion towards Oswald, instead of the Secret Service agents throughout the area.

However, now knowing this, it only throws more suspicion towards the Secret Service.

Overall. . .

You now know of the motives the Secret Service had to kill John F. Kennedy- The Southerners within the staff were alienated because of JFK's Civil Rights Policies; and their ability to rise to more money, more power, through his death.

You now understand the evidence:

- The trajectory of the fatal bullet was from that of where Agent Hickey sat.

- The gun that the Secret Service Agent possessed had the ability to fire off rounds in quick succession, unlike Oswald's rifle.

- The bullet that killed JFK was a size much better suited for an AR-15, which was the gun that the Secret Service Agents possessed.

- Moments before JFK was killed, two of his most important Secret Service Agents, who were assigned to the rear of his car to act as human shields if necessary, were called off of their postions, positions that were the most important, by far.

- The first shot, which made the president's head fly backwards, was from Oswald's gun. His gun did not have the ability to shoot a bullet that could have an impact so strong as to have the presidents head bounce back off of the seat of his car. His head 'rocketed' forward afterwards, much more powerfully, as the bullet that fatally wounded him hit him from behind.

- Dan Rathers, who reported what he had seen off of the Zapruder film, lied about which direction the president's head first moved as the first of the shots were fired. There is no other motive to lie to such a huge amount of people than to hide something.