Computer Hardware

Oli Burden

Hard Drive (HDD)/Solid State Drive (SDD)

A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a component in the computer which holds all of your documents, videos and photos. It is as large as a book but it can hold all kind of things. Inside a HDD is a disk which is connected by a arm which writes on the disk so it saves all the information. A SSD is a Solid State Drive which does the same as a HDD but it is smaller (slimmer) and it has no disk and no arm. It is now in all the modern technology. It is in an IPhone 5, Ipod Touch and loads of the recent computers. The SSD is a more compatable drive.

Optical Disk Drive (ODD)

An Optical Disk Drive is pretty much a box inside your computer or your laptop. It reads disks like CD's, DVD's, Blu-rays and game disks for a Mac or PC. In the Macbook Air it isso thin they can't fit a Optical Disk Drive in because then it wouldn't be the awesome thin computer it is. So what the Macbook Air does like many other computers is it downloads software of the cloud(internet).


A Monitor is in every computer but in more recent technology they don't have it like The New IPad and laptops but a monitor is like a screen so if you didn't have a monitor or a screen your computer would never work. A monitor or a screen projects the image of what you are doing so you are able to actually see what you are doing.