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Dr. Erika Johnson and Dr. Ericka Patterson - Principals

September 19th - 23rd

Great Things on the Horizon

Dear Barack Obama School Families,

The Board of Education made the decision to move forward to a project to expand our school. We are enthusiastically anticipating the addition of a greenhouse to our school. We are excited because we believe that a school greenhouse can provide kids with endless opportunities to get their hands dirty while learning about science, math, problem-solving and plant anatomy. For schools, a garden provides a door to discovery with a way to help students be excited about learning and curriculum.

Construction begins on the project this week. Starting on September 19th, our main office will be re-located to room 24 which is on the west side of the school. Parents or visitors who come to the school will be asked to enter through Door 13 which is behind the school on the blacktop.

Student Participation in Clubs

As you know making sure that our students are meeting and exceeding academic standards remains one of our most important goals. In addition to promoting academic achievement, we are very pleased that our students have opportunities to become involved in a variety of different ways. We are extremely proud of the overwhelming enthusiasm that the OLS students and staff demonstrate as they represent our school on the Obama Teams. As an example, just this past week over 30 students attended a meeting about the Flag Club.

  • 7th/8th Grade Cross Country Track Team - Mr. Cyborski, Mr. Guba, Mrs. Sanchez, and Mr. Friel.
  • Cheerleading - Ms. Jones and Ms. Richardson
  • 7th/8th Grade Basketball - Mr. Guba, Mr. Banas, Mr. Butler, and Ms. Luckett,
  • 7th/8th Grade Track - Mr. Butler, Mr. Guba, and Mrs. Powell
  • 7th/8th Grade Volleyball - Mr. Butler, Mr. Guba, Mrs. Sanchez, and Ms. Kollpainter
  • National Junior Honor Society - Ms. Kollpainter
  • Flag Club - Ms. Gravely

In addition to the sports teams, we have the following clubs that run at our building. Please talk to your child to see how they can find ways to be involved in our school community.

  • Chess Team - Mr. Butler
  • Student Council - Mrs. Mosley
  • Broadcasting Club - Mrs. Psop
  • Student Ambassadors - Ms. Moore
  • Engineering Club - Robotics - Ms. Pavlick
  • Computer Coding - Mrs. Blackwell
  • Drama Club - Mrs. West-Williams
  • Science Club 4th - 5th - Ms. Albert
  • IMSA Club - Mrs. Albert, Mrs. Bosco, Mrs. Fry, and Ms. Pavlick
  • Stock Market Club - Ms. Burch
  • Morning Band - Ms. Lea
  • Yearbook Club - Ms. Mosley

It is so exciting to see that our students are actively seeking our ways to become involved in clubs and sports. Please have you students watch our morning broadcast for more information.


Dr. Erika Johnson and Dr. Ericka Patterson- co-principals of Barack Obama School


This year students will work on expatiation. When we expatiate, we add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing; "She elaborated on the main ideas in her dissertation"

Similar Words: elaborate, lucubrate, exposit, enlarge, flesh out,expand, expound, dilate

Hyponyms: detail, set forth, expound, exposit, exemplify, illustrate,instance, specify, particularize, particularise, specialize, specialise

Derivational Morphology: dilation, exponent, exposition, expounding,expansion, enlargement, elaboration, expanding upon, expatiation,lucubration, amplification

School District 163's - Celebrating Learning Parade

The district is hosting a Celebrating Learning Parade on October 4th. We hope that you are able to come out to this very special event. You will see a float designed by our OLS students. You will see our very own OLS Parade Cheerleaders, OLS Singers and of course the OLS Broadcasting News Reporters who will interview parade participants as well as a variety of dignitaries.

Please note that the School Visitation Act This Act was signed into law by Governor Edgar on December 12, 1992, and became effective July 1, 1993. The law provides for the granting of leave for employees to attend school conferences or classroom activities of their children when such activities cannot be rescheduled during non-work hours. According to the School Visitation Act, the employee must provide the employer with a written request for leave at least 7 days in advance. If you need a form, please click here:


Please let the administration know if you need your forms signed.

Job Applications


Rabbits Thumper and George join the other animals in the NGSS lab. As of today, the rabbits are about 4 months old. If students are interested in taking care of the animals, please have them fill out a job application from Ms. Albert in the NGSS Lab.

Student Ambassadors

Last year we had a variety of student ambassadors that represented our school when we visitors came to our school. These students led sessions with superintendents, business officials, engineers, lawyers, and doctors who visited our school last year. If you child is interested, please have them see our Speech Pathologist Ms. Moore for an application.

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Leader of the Pack Auditions at OLS - Audition Date Change / FAQ


The date for the 2nd audition had to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances! Mr. Jackson will run auditions on Thursday, Sept 22nd! Students posted the following questions on a Google Doc for Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Dunklin. Here are the questions and answers.

  • What do students have to do for auditions?

    • -Students can sing, perform a poem, etc. We are looking for students to play lead roles, supporting roles, and students who simply want to display a special talent at the program.

  • To whom does the permission form get turned in?

    • -The permission slips can be turned into myself or to Mrs. Dunklin since I am not at O.L.S. everyday.

  • Can we sing ANY (school appropriate) song or poem?

    • -Yes. Please understand that the lead roles in the production will require acting. But, to audition, students can perform any school appropriate special talent (eg. Singing, acting, poems, dancing, rapping, etc.)

  • Are auditions after school? Do our parents have to pick us up or is there an activity bus?

    • -Yes, it is after school! This Thursday and Next Thursday (15th and the 22nd) 3:15-4:15 PM. You must turn in a permission slip to audition where your parents choose whether they will pick you up or if you will take an activity bus home.

PTO Meeting

Thursday, Sep. 22nd, 6:30pm

401 Concord Drive

Chicago Heights, IL

PTO News

Welcome new and returning Patriot Parents!

Hope everyone is excited and ready for an AWESOME school year.

Come out to our first monthly PTO Meeting on Thursday September 22 at 6:30 pm in POD D, where we discuss upcoming events and how to enrich our students school experience, our principals also share updates concerning our school. Parents are asked to share their suggestions and ideas.

The classroom that has the most parents to attend will receive a prize!!

Start saving those Box Tops, more details will be given at the meeting.

If you should have something to share with the PTO you can email us at bolschoolpto@gmail.com or call 708-668-9105.

"One Team, One Dream, Together We Can Achieve Anything."

Look forward in meeting and seeing you on Thursday!

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OLS Cross Country TEAM Members

Congratulations to those students who made the Cross Country Track Team

David Okorie

Aajah Careell

Willie Finch

Jaylen Henry

Tre Hawthorne

Ramaya Jones

Faith Alexander

Jordan Vanarsdale

Joseph George

Joan George

Kierra Robinson

Jasmine Bell

Calendar of Events


Campaign Broadcast Occurs During Launch


12:30 Early Dismissal




PTO Meeting 6:30pm


Election Results are Shared


Inaugural Ball 7pm


Board of Education Meeting


Midterm Report


A Ghanaian Delegation from the Republic of Ghana Eastern Region visits OLS to learn about STEM education.