Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

joseph coile 8/24/12


The story is set in san francisco's chinatown, which is one of the largest chinese communities  outside of asia. The neighborhood-with its fascinating mix of resturants, shops, businesses, and religous and cultural institutions-is a crowded and bustling place. The area was settled by chinese immigrants who arrived during the gold rush of 1849.


Ni kan is the daughter of a woman who wants her to grow up with some sort of talent. Mr. Chong is a deaf piano teacher who taught Ni kan how to play a little piano. Waverly is Ni kans cousin she is her genius cousin who has a talent for playing chess.


There is a mother who wants her daughter to have talent. Her daughter tries all these things but feels that she fails at all of them. She wanted her to play the piano but her daughter had enough and got lazy learning instead. Later on she is in a talent show to show how good she was and ended up in a terrible night. She finally had enough and told her mother that she wasn't doing anymore shows, tests for her talents or anything that will try to make her feel like a failure. Later on Ni kan gets the piano from her parents as a reminder of what she has accomplished.

Internal conflict

Ni kan doesnt want to do any of the things her mother wants her to do because she feels she fails at everything.

External conflict

Ni kans mother is trying to make her daughter something that she is not.


The theme of the story is that you will never be a failure even if everything looks like its been bad you will always accomplish something.


The symbolism of the piano is that her accomplishment was her failure.