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May 6, 2016

Dear Parents,

This week we drafted our novels through the climax, maxed out our GoNoodle champ, practiced the trade-first subtraction algorithm, discovered the morals in Aesop's fables, and saw how our chicks are growing and moving inside their eggs.

Toward the end of next week our chicks should begin hatching. Although I hope all the chicks will be fine, I forewarned the students that it is possible some of our chicks could fail to thrive after hatching or may be born with disabilities. We will have the chicks a short time before they return to the farm.

Over the next few weeks, we will use our Reading Workshop time to learn about traditional literature and complete our Project Lead the Way activities. Although I will not assign Weekly Reading Logs for the remainder of the school year, it's important for your child to continue to read 20 minutes each night in addition to their math homework.

Thank you to the PTO and all the parents who helped with this week's teacher appreciation festivities. The notes the kids wrote were adorable and warmed my heart!

Please see the important dates section below for all the fun scheduled these last 17 days of school!

As always,

Kelly Burton

Important Dates

Text @7b47d4 to 81010 to receive these reminders via text at 3:30pm the school day prior.

Monday 05/09

  • Special: Art + Library (2 item limit, last day to check out)
  • Logophiles 3 New Sort
  • J Jammie Day – Wear your favorite pajamas! No slippers, please.

Tuesday 05/10

  • Special: Music
  • Logophiles 1 Progress Check
  • K Kindness Day – Share some kindness (we will write a thank you letter to someone who works with us at school!

Wednesday 05/11

  • Special: Technology
  • Logophiles 1 New Sort
  • Early Release Day @ 2:55pm
  • L Lunch Outside Day – 2nd grade will enjoy their lunches out side (rain plan is to have Lights-Off day)!

Thursday 05/12

  • Special: PE
  • Logophiles 2 Progress Check
  • M Movie Day – Enjoy a G-rated movie in our class!
Friday 05/13
  • Special: Art
  • NWEA Language Arts Assessment @ 9am
  • N Name Mrs. Smith’s Baby Day – We will be writing down ideas for Mrs. Smith to name her baby!
  • Hawkamania

Upcoming Events

Monday 05/16
  • O Outside Day – As long as the weather cooperates, we will complete some of our activities outside today!
Tuesday 05/17
  • Book Fair
  • P Popsicle Day – Enjoy a popsicle from your teacher.
Wednesday 05/18
  • Book Fair
  • Q Quiz Day – Complete a quiz about your teacher’s favorite things!
Thursday 05/19
  • NWEA Math Assessment @ 1:50pm
  • Book Fair
  • R Read What You Want Day – Bring in comics, magazines, or any book you want to read from home.
Friday 05/20
  • Maypole Celebration
  • S Silly Sock Day – Wear your silly shoes and socks

Monday 05/23
  • Young Author Day
  • T Twin Day – Dress like a friend in 2nd grade.
Tuesday 05/24
  • U University Day – Wear your university gear.
Wednesday 05/25
  • V Visitor Day – A visitor will come and read to your class!
Thursday 05/26
  • Hamilton East Public Library visits HDE
  • W Wash our Room Day – Clean Up Day!
Friday 05/27
  • Field Day
  • X EXTRA Recess Day – Enjoy an extra recess with your class.

Monday 05/30
  • Memorial Day - No School
Tuesday 05/31
  • End of Year Awards @ 9am
  • Y Year End Autograph Day – Exchange autographs with classmates. (students may bring in their school yearbooks if they would like)

Wednesday 06/01

  • End of Quarter 4 / Semester 2
  • Last Day of School
  • Z Zip Up Your Bag and Go Home Day – Last day of school!!

Essential Questions

Word Study
  • How can knowing the 6 syllable patterns help me grow as a reader and writer?

Reading - Traditional Literature

  • Why was this story written?

  • What is the lesson/moral of the story?

  • How can I apply the morals to my own life?

  • Why is the structure of the story important?

  • Why are there different versions of the same tales?

  • How do tales/stories differ based on the viewpoint?

  • How do tales/stories differ based on the culture in which they were originated?
Science - Life Cycles
  • How do plants and animals change during a life cycle?
  • How are plants and animals dependent upon each other?
  • How do features of animals and plants relate to their life cycle?
  • How do plants and animals adapt?
Project Lead the Way - Form and Function
  • How does the function of an object influence its form
  • How does nature influence design?
Math - Whole-Number Operations Revisited
    • How can estimating help us to avoid errors in addition and subtraction?
    • How do diagrams help to solve multiplication and division problems?
    • What are fact families? What is the relationship between numbers in a fact family?
    • What is the definition of “array?” How can arrays be used to help solve multiplication and division problems?
    • How can pictures help to solve multiplication/division problems?
    • What are the patterns of 1s and 0s multiplication?

    Writing Workshop - Writers Tell Stories

    • How do writers create interesting characters?
    • How do writers help the reader to visualize?
    • How do writers build suspense?
    • How do writers develop the story in a logical order?
    • How does a writer establish their style of writing?
    • How does a writer write a good ending that leaves an impression on the reader?
    • How do writers support their writing with illustrations?
    • How do we use writer’s craft to make our story powerful?

    Parent & Student Resources

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