Tiny Teddy Choo Choo trains

By Ethan

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Why Should You Make Them?

You should make them because there yum, fun to make, quick and easy for little people!

How To


Melted Chocolate


Milky way bar

Liquorice allsorts

Liquorice sticks

Tiny Teddy’s


Plastic spoon

Ceramic bowl



1. First you melt your Chocolate.

2. Then you cut a small slab of your Milky Way Bar.

3. Now you use your melted chocolate to stick 4 of your smarties on each corner.

4. Fourthly you get 1 of your Liquorice Allsorts that’s in a rectangular prism shape and stick on the back of your train.

5. Fifthly you stick your Tiny Teddy to the Front of the seat.

6. Sixthly you cut a little part of a liquorice stick and stick it on the front of the teddy.

7. DONE YAY!!!!!!!!!

By Ethan

How to make Tiny Teddy trains