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May 24, 2019--BRING ON SUMMER


Change is never easy, but can always yield new opportunity, refresh the mind, and reinvigorate the soul. We have some wonderful teachers in this building with lots of different strengths that when put in new combinations, I think, will bring us some great results!

Here is a full list of grade teachers by grade level for the 19-20 SY:

PreK- Ezell

K-Manuel, Fletcher, McConnell, Smith

1-McInturff, Metcalf, Trapp, TBD

2-Seabolt, Brown, Galloway, TBD

3-Taliaferro, Feldman, Rivers, Owens

4-Gragg, Sallee, Branham, Grass

5-Pike, Wyatt, Fulkerson, Carr

All other teachers, at this time, will remain the same--should things change over the summer by things that are beyond my knowledge at this time I will let you know.

Moving spaces and cleaning spaces out

If you are moving spaces, the custodial team will move your things. Just label them and put them in an obvious spot in your room. Please use sticky notes/masking tape to label the items new location. I am unsure when things will move, but will be done in a timely manner. I will check in on things and send you an update as things get to their new location.

If you are not moving, but are going through your classroom and "editing" the items in it please alert the office (this will be either me or Judy) or a custodial worker if you see one, if you need to have trash removed. Many of you have done a fantastic job of getting rid of things that "don't bring you joy" or "aren't part of what we do anymore". I have heard that one teacher had never had time to go through the cabinets in her room and found lots of treasure that could improve a classroom library. Another teacher found envelopes from a teacher who was here when she was a student! Clearly it is time for us to purge.

Less is more. Purposeful is more. Intentional is best. If you haven't seen the modules for the Triad Work that Leigh Ann posted a couple of weeks ago (True transparency I haven't) please do. I plan on doing that this summer. Here is the link again so you don't have to go hunting for them.

Leadership opportunities for next year

We will be looking to expand leadership opportunities next year. Please be thinking about ways you can contribute to our success movement here at Lincoln. We will be looking for committees of people to support parent events. We must change this to a "group lift" from a "Marsha lift" if we want to really address our big rock of better community involvement here at Lincoln. We will also be working with teachers to lead PD for our work with standards. And I'm also looking at expanding our participants in leadership committee to include folks beyond just the grade level reps. We are making great strides toward out vision and we need leaders to come forward and help us meet our five year goals.

Finishing our book study books

We will revisit our books that our teams for the 18-19 SY choose for the spring. We will come back together with collective groups to finish discussing our books from this past spring. You've got all summer to finish. Enjoy the read!

Until we meet again....

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