By: Will Ahrens & Charlie Grow

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Food and Anomalies of Kuwait.

  1. Examine your country's photo and identify which foods make up the family's diet? What are some staple foods in your assigned country?

    Some staple foods that consist in the typical Kuwait family's diet is rice and tomatoes. However, rice is the main food in Kuwait used in many popular dishes. Machbous is a very popular dish, it consists of Saffron flavored rice with tomato sauce and lamb or chicken. Harees is another traditional dish to Kuwait and is served during Ramadan, it is made up of wheat and meat that is cooked until it becomes soggy. In addition, Gaboot is a common dish in Kuwait. It is a raisin filled dumpling in a meat stew. Meals that feature shrimp, crab, and other seafood are also common. Almost every dish in Kuwait is served with a blend of spices. Common spices include nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cumin, and coriander. Leban is a soft drink often served during meals.

    2. Which food in the regional diet are grown and processed domestically?

    The country grows it own wheat, rice, vegetables on it's fertile soil. To add, the country uses domesticated animals like pigs, cows, goats, and chickens for meat and other dairy products.

    3. Which foods are imported into the country?

    Looking at the picture I noticed some unexpected foods that the family would eat. Some of the imported foods were more modern and were from America. The traditional home cooked meals of Kuwait are decreasing. The diet of the family consisted of Pringles, Ritz crackers, Cornflakes and other branded foods and drinks.

    4. Are some foods imported grown domestically from other country's? How does that benefit your country? What drawbacks does it present?

    Some meat, and flour could have been imported into the country because they are branded however, meat and flour are domestically grown from a processed manner. This could benefit the country by allowing to expand the the surplus for family's. However, it can affect them negatively because imported food is expensive.

    4. What does the diet reveal about the quality of the country?

    The diet reveals the country has a healthy system of food distribution and many imported foods. But, the amount of branded imported foods could increase the country's obesity. The nutrition transition does not support a healthy diet for some family's who use the imported american foods often.

    5. How does the food reflect on the country's economy?

    The foods reflect in a healthy way for the economy. Some imported foods show cultural change within the countries. Making the trading system advanced by giving a wider variety of foods to bargain.

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