The Quest for Paradise

By Geronimo Stilton

Main Characters and IB Connections

One of the main characters is The Dragon of the Rainbow. This character is Caring because he looks out for his friends throughout the Kingdoms. The dragon is the faithful messenger of Blossom.

Geronimo Stilton is a of a Risk-Taker. He goes on all the adventures in the Kingdom of Fantasy. His adventure this time is finding the Map of Paradise that leads him to the Heart of Happiness for Queen Blossom.

Another characters is Oscar Roach, he is Balanced. Oscar can cook, dance, and play the violin. He can do a little of everything.

Baldsquash is the King of the Ogres, he is gigantic and smelly. Baldsquash holds the Map of Paradise in his Stink Bomb Tower. Baldsquash maid a Commitment to his family that he will protect the Map of Paradise.

The Setting

The setting of this story is Fantasy World. The Kingdom of Fantasy has a lot Dragons, and Ogres. It also has a unicorn, and a talking cockroach. You can not forget the palaces; a Crystal Palace, a Golden Palace, and many others.

Main Problem

The main problem is that Queen Blossom wanted Geronimo to find the Heart of Happiness, but Geronimo needed to find the Map of Paradise first.

Main Problem Solved

Geronimo solved the main problem by finding the Map of Paradise in the land of Ogres, which led him to the Heart of Happiness.


The theme of this books to be adventurous. If you are adventurous you can discover more awesome things then people that are less adventurous. Although, Geronimo thinks he is not adventurous he actually is.

Opinion of the Book

This book was magnificent. It was chapter after chapter full of adventure. One of my favorite parts of the book was The Kingdom of Chocolates. If you know me you know I LOVE chocolate!!!!!!!!!

Ava Iuliani