School Schedule


Should school schedule start later?

Yes, school should start later because you need more sleep, make more focus in class and it improve your grade.

Need More Sleep

Teens need more sleep that can help them what to do in school. The teens might get affected by time of school start and they get something problem."My kids suffered hugely. My oldest daughter was driven and stayed up past midnight and had to get up at 6 a.m.," Snider said. "She was psychologically miserable and suffered physical issues. She's almost 26 now and still sees. "Sleep changes across our life span," the effects on her body." (Manning, Kay.)

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More Focus In Class

school start later help the student more focus in class and get more understand with the study. Student get more interested in the class and ask more question. "Students with special needs, while a focus of this study, were often mentioned as being affected differently from the general school population." (Wrobel, Gordon D.)
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Improve Your Grades

The school start later help the student improve there grades. So many student get good grade and they go to good collage. First school started at 7:15 am, change 8:40 am. "Results showed improved grades, increased attendance among ninth- through 11th-graders, decreased student-reported depression and fewer dropouts." (Rosenberg, Russell, and Michael Monaco.)
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school should start later because need more sleep, more focus in class, and it improve your grade. The student need more sleep because they can get physical issues. The student get more focus in class by sleeping late. The student improve there grade by they get focus in class.

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