New Jersey ~ The garden state ~ :D

~ New Jersey is a beautiful state ~

Board walks/Carnivals

New Jersey has lots of board walks and carnivals full of fun stands and rides!

As in the Avalon board walk it has a lot of rides and restaraunts and games .

The carnivals are Awesome! They have alot of rides, games, food stands, ect...

Their cities.

New Jersey has a lot of citys as in Atlantic city, Avalon, Ocean city, Stone harbor, Wildwood.

They all have amazing attractions, Restaraunts Carnivals and more!

They all have big cities and amazing beaches too.

Some of their top citys.

Guaranteed to be a wonderul place to live or vacation!

I recomend going to New Jersey.

New Jersey is an amazing place i hope you get to go there sometime!

It has wonderful beaches with warm water and waves that are big and are fun to try to jump over you usally get pushed down but it's really fun to do it anyway!


All the cities are filled with huge casinos which attract lots of tourists and or residents. Lots of people are addicted to gambling and spend most of their time there. You should check one of them out if you are over 21. But don't get to addicted you might waste all of your money there. :D