Union County Tales

Cynthia Sierra

Crazy but happy as can be!

Esther was once known as one of the most beautiful, talented and precious girl out of all the girls

her daddy used to spoil her with the best of the best pearls

she had no one to compare to, despite having everything and everyone at her feet

she was not happy, she thought everything she had was cheap

as the years went by her mind was working on something that we all did not expect

she broke out and so she wrecked

she became her own person and did not care what others thought

as happy as can be she partied hard in her yacht

she dresses in bright colors and expresses herself by being crazy

she drank and inhaled so she could become more lazy

despite all the negative talk by everyone, she was there to prove society a point

she did not care to disappoint

she was once tied up in the reality of life and how she was supposed to act

but she let go and broke free and was no longer in the pact

she said who cares what other think or say

I am who I am, I care to be happy, this is my day

she moved and she danced shaking things she didn't have

people looked in disgusted and said, when she stops, i'll be glad

she was once known as one of the most beautiful, talented and precious girl out of all the girls

but now she's know as being one of the most happiest girl out of all the girls.

To be happy you need to be your own sunshine

Esther was born a very lucky child, she was born into a very rich and famous family. Despite having all the fame and money in the world she was not happy with what she had, she was dragged into the acting/singing industry along with her father. When she was a young girl she starred in a show. While she stared in the show and played the main role in different movies, she was also a star because of her songs. Just by that you could say that Esther had a very busy childhood and didn’t get to do some of the other things other children were doing.

Years went by and so she grew into a teenager, she was caught doing things that put her family and her own name to shame, she grew tired of being caged in and not being able to say or act a certain way because she was being judged by society. Finally she broke the chains once she could. She became her own person, she expressed herself in a very intense and crazy manner, by how she dressed, by the things she did or by the things she said, but no one cared to see how happy she was. Everyone in society judged her by all the wrongs she was doing but no one saw all the rights she was doing for herself. Despite being caged and locked in all her life Esther broke out and decided to be happy. She decided to make up for all the time lost while she was in shows, while she was on stage.

Even though one has had everything in their life does not mean that they are happy, people like us have to learn to look at the big picture and try to walk other people's shoes before we start to judge. We judged Esther in so many wrong ways but did we look how happy she was? Did we realize that she smiled harder now that she expressed herself to the maximum. Do the things you love and don't be afraid what people say, don't be afraid what people are gonna do or think because at the end of the day you are the one that is going to be happy.

Miley cyrus was the person that I chose to represent my story I choose her because she is very well known in society but not only that she is a prime example of society today. Most of us are afraid to come out and do the things we love to do because we are afraid what people will say or think, we are afraid that once we come out and act the way we want to we will get rejected. Although Cyrus does do some things that are not quite right, she is her own person, she has the right to do the things she wants because she wants no because other people will think bad of her. Most of the kids going into their teenage years or some teenager are very afraid to act how they want to because they don’t want to be the outcast, we all want to be apart of the “popular group” and to be apart of that most of us hide ourselves and pretend to be someone that we aren’t, we tend to do things that are not right for ourselves, that don’t keep us happy. We tend to care more about selfish people and what they say. Although Cyrus is known to not teach us a lesson she is known that despite all the negative talk by all the people and all the rejection don't be afraid to be yourself and stand out and most importantly be happy. She has said, done and expressed herself in a very unique and crazy way and people don’t even care to acknowledge that she is happy as ever, when she was a child she had her childhood taken away by society she was not able to live the life she wanted to live, she not only had her childhood taken away, she lost the person she loved the most, she was played and a fool. She was ready to get married and already engaged at the last minute she was left behind. She expressed her broken feelings in a different matter again, she came out even stronger. She found a way to cope and be happy and forget about the past, that’s what we all need to learn how to do, we need to learn to let go and be happy, we need to learn to move on and not care what other people say or think, we live in a very disgusting and corrupt society, if we do not act or look a certain way we are not accepted. We all need to learn to get past that and learn to like each other by the way we are, not everyone's the same, not everyone has the same feeling and not everyone had gone through the things one as a person has gone though. If you are not happy by the things you do now step up and make a change to be happy with yourself. Cyrus has taught us to be ourselves, be happy and proud of who you truly are, don’t be afraid to show your true colors because you are the only one who can truly make yourself happy. Don’t ever let anyone bring that down.

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