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Amneet Khaira


My name is Amneet, and I am a grade ten student attending Louise Arbour Secondary School. I was born on July 23rd 2000, in Toronto, Ontario. The things I like to do most are draw/ sketch, read books and poems, spend time with my family and best friends, listen to music and create memories with the most important people in my life. I am really adventurous and fun-loving but also organized and responsible. I love to make other people laugh and I try my best in school and enjoy studying the subjects I like most including sciences, social sciences, and creative arts. I am a feminist and believe in equality for both genders. I also enjoy playing sports and cheering on for my friends in track and field, volleyball and basketball. In my free time I like to spend time with my family, go on long bike rides and watch my favorite shows on Netflix. I currently live with my parents, grandpa, and two siblings in Brampton, Ontario. Even though I have only been to the United States, Canada and India, I have always dreamt of traveling the world and wish to travel all around the world in the future. Speaking of future, I would like to pursue a career in medical sciences and am inspired to become a humanitarian. The "me" of today is a focused and goal-orientated person which also knows how to have fun.

My Life Line

My Favourite Things





My Leadership Style

My leadership style is “Leader as a Persuader” because in most settings where I end up leading a larger group or even two other people, I relate and act most like persuading leaders. I always encourage cooperation from all members by talking to them about how their strengths could be utilized in completing the assigned task and I include all team members in making decisions related to the task. Although, unlike a persuading leader I try avoiding being ultimately responsible for making the final decision. An example where I exercise this kind of leadership is when I was working on an English assignment with three other people and one person wasn’t active at all so I encouraged them by talking about how neat their writing is and they could write as the rest of us brainstorm ideas. This lead to them writing as well as being more involved in the task resulting in them also providing their own input and ideas in the brainstorming. I think that I lead both as a persuader and joiner because I like to highlight people's strengths to get them involved but also dislike to make final decisions and end up speaking for the group as a whole.

My Influences

My main influences are my cousins and best friend which influenced me because I spend most of my free time with them. They have shaped my character because my older cousins always give me advice whether its about school or personal stuff. For example, my cousin Pawan helped me to do my first school science project in grade three by helping me create a volcano model. She also always encourages me to always do my best in school since what I do now will have a big impact on my future.

Next, my best friend influences me because she has a really positive outlook about life and is always happy which influences me into being a more positive person and stay smiling. Also, she always tries her best and never gives up. This motivates me to do better and influences me into putting 100% into what I am doing. These two shaped me into becoming more responsible as well as happy and grateful for what I have.

My Role Model

My role model is my grandma because she was the most important person in my life. She passed away recently on March 27th 2016, and lived a life revolving around her family and one's most important to her. She is my role model because she was such a strong woman and mother who always stood by what was right and believed in and worked for the common good. The reason why I look up to her is because of her flawless character. She was very honest, kind, generous and forgiving. She taught me what it means to be a good person and give to others without hesitation which is what shaped me into the person I am today.
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My Future

My future career plans are to be a doctor and I am interested in this job because it is in the medical field and I am really interested in science as well as helping people through medicine. I am also really dedicated, which will help me in reaching my goal to become a doctor because there is a lot of school and studying involved before you can become reach this goal. I plan to get there by earning a bachelor's degree (4 years) at the University of Toronto, take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), complete medical school (4 years), earn a license and lastly complete a residency.

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My Family Symbols

Nagar Kirtan

Sunday, May 1st, 8am

Toronto, ON, Canada

Toronto, ON

Yearly Sikh parade which occurs in celebration of the Sikh festival, Vaisakhi.

My Personality Tests

  1. Learning Styles Test- My learning style is auditory, but I think that this time the results were different from my own experiences in terms of how I learn best. I learn somewhat my listening and talking out loud but it also helps me a lot of write out main ideas from lessons, textbooks and worksheets while studying. On the other hand, listening is an essential part when it comes to learning because good listeners find it easier to remember major concepts learned which is a skill that I wish to work on. In addition, I also learn effectively by studying off of webs, graphic organizers, etc. because visual thing like what I mentioned make it easier for me to remember what is important.

  2. Personality Test- The quiz showed that my personality type is ISFJ, which is described as someone which is kind, helpful and observant which is what I like to think of myself truly as.This is correct since I have no problem remembering small details about people that I have known for years or ones that I may have just met!! I am also really empathetic because I can always understand the feelings of others and always try to help them out and give them advice.

  3. Interests Test- My interest type was proven to be The Sensei through MyBluePrint and it showed that I teach based on wisdom and my top two interest traits are investigative and social. I think that these are definitely true as well since I like to learn new things and find answers to things I am curious about. Also, I am social since I like talking to people and am open to making new friends. In addition, I like to spend time with my close friends as well as meet new people. I really like to work independently and am focused on my learning. I am also generous, patient and friendly as described from the quiz which is one of the reasons why I think this quiz is pretty accurate in terms of my interests.

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4. Knowledge Test- The result for the knowledge quiz showed that my top subject area is science, and I think that these results were correct since science is my favourite subject. In addition, it displayed that my top other subject areas were social sciences and creative arts which made me think that this survey was ridiculously accurate. Also, science is one course that I am always excited to go to because we learn about various scientific concepts and how they relate to other parts of my life. I plan on taking all three sciences available to me next year as well. I want to pursue a career in the medical field. I find it really interesting how there is an explanation for everything through science, and the type which interests me the most is biology. I want to be able to treat and help people through scientific knowledge.I agree with the results that this survey gave and I think that science is my top subject area and this was able to be proven because there was an adequate amount of questions asked where it could be proven that my top subject area is science.

5. Motivations Test- I think that the result the quiz gave me is correct because most times what drives me to chase what I want is achievement and every time I do something that is difficult I always think about what I am doing it for- the end product. Whether it`s a mark in a course at school or running another lap on the track. I think that the survey is accurate and I think that I like to put my knowledge and skills to the test. I like the overall feeling of achievement which is why I motivate myself through it.Also, achievement is important to me because I like to be appreciated for what I do. Being appreciated makes me want to work even harder and do even better which is why achievement is how I am motivated.

6. Multiple Intelligences- The multiple intelligences show how all people understand and perceive the world differently, and this means that you can definitely strengthen each intelligence and they are meant to empower you. First of all, my strongest intelligence based on this survey was section 8, or my intrapersonal strength. I think that through this survey it has been proven that I have the ability to understand my own emotions and am able to effectively reflect upon myself. My multiple intelligences ranked from strongest to weakest are,

  1. Intrapersonal Strength

  2. Existential Strength

  3. Logical Strength

  4. Interpersonal Strength

  5. Naturalist Strength

  6. Musical Strength

  7. Visual Strength

  8. Verbal Strength

  9. Kinesthetic Strength

I was not really surprised with the results of the inventory and I think they were pretty accurate since I think I do have a strong intrapersonal strength because I am really self aware and do what needs to be done for my own well being and know myself inside and out. Next, I think my existential strength is good ranked at second because I would define existential intelligence as the ability to be sensitive to or to have larger questions about human existence. I think that I am ranked pretty high on this since I truly do have many questions about the meaning of life. My logical strength and interpersonal strength come next. I think that my logical strength is ranked accurately but my interpersonal could be lower as I am honestly not great at communicating effectively with other people and need to work at being able to understand how people are feeling and making them feel better when they are sad, for example.On the other hand, I think that my naturalist strength and visual strengths should be ranked higher because I remember things by visualizing them and when referring to something I always try and imagine it. I do agree though with where my verbal strength is at and it is one thing I really want to improve because with it I can learn and express what I have learned so much more easily. On the other hand, I think that I should work at improving my kinesthetic strengths as well since people with strength in this intelligence have have good hand-eye coordination and are very aware of their bodies. Now that know that my top three greatest strengths are intrapersonal strength, existential strength, and logical strength I can use these in various ways in order to improve my learning-while working at improving my other strengths of course. I can use my intrapersonal strength in order to learn better because when you know yourself and your weaknesses especially it is easier to work on your weaknesses. For example, I know that I get distracted very easily so I remind myself to not use my ipod during class. I can use existential strength in order to apply my own ideas with what I am learning at school and at home. I can use logical strength to improve my learning in order to understand abstract concepts better! It is good to know what your strengths and weaknesses are in terms of multiple intelligences.

7. True Colours Test- Gold, blue, orange and green are colours are used to represent the four different parts of your personality. Each personality part is represented by a different colour and refers to different personality characteristics and through this True colours test it is possible that you find a career just for you! My colour assessment showed that my personality is naturally most like “Responsible Gold” and this is the category I fit best into based on the test. I agree with my true colour assessment because I think that it outlines the base of my personality and I am most like the description under “Responsible Gold” since I am loyal and very responsible, respect authority and have a basic need for structure and security. I like when things are in order and there aren’t too many surprises. I agree one hundred percent with the question related to the “Responsible Gold” colour assessment and that is the reason why I fit into this colour category. I am an organized person and I like to plan ahead and get things done mainly because I hate working under pressure. Also, I usually like to follow the rules unless I find a legitimate reason to oppose what I am supposed to be doing; like if I think what I’m asked to do is wrong. The next characteristic that “Responsible Gold” is defined as is having the need for order and structure in their lives. I think this is true for me too since I like to know where the road will take me. In addition, I really enjoy helping others because it makes me feel good about myself which I love. Also, I respect authority and am dependable and loyal which are also characteristics of someone classified as “Responsible Gold” for their personality type. I respect authority and everyone in general because I think that everyone deserves to be treated with respect no matter who they are. Next, I am dependable since if someone assigns a task to me I will be sure to have it done for them. I am loyal because I respect the feelings of others and want to be helpful to others. In conclusion, I agree with my True Colour assessment results because I feel that “Responsible Gold” describes me best as a person. After completing the True Colours test at the loner wolf website, my result was the same and I was eighty eight percent gold. I think that my result was the same because the questions that were used to classify someone's personality on the website were questions similar to ones used in the True Colours test on this document. Also, the result was the same since I think I am really strongly towards gold as a personality type. It showed on both tests that I am a stable, goal-oriented and especially organized as a person. In addition, I like that the website provided me with many more points about me as a gold personality type. For example, they pointed out that I am dutiful, practical, committed, and sensible. They also mentioned my key weaknesses and needs which I liked like my tendency to control things and my need to be useful.

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