Merry Christmas

JD . Kristy . Jackson . Jace

How Blessed We Are...

We hope that each of you are doing well and enjoying life. Rather that mailing cards this year, I opted to send this newsletter for many reasons: time, lots of photos, new friends to send to, and just so much good news to share! We are settling in our new lives here in College Station and have God's affirmations each and every day that we made the right decision to move here.

...How Blessed We Are!


Although it was tough leaving so many behind, we are thankful to have our new family of basketball players! There is not enough room to tell you how awesome these kids have been. They are hard workers, disciplined, and love the game. We are thankful we have so many good role models for our boys. Some games it is just hard to believe they are only freshmen and sophomores! Below is the picture we took for our card, however, the silly picture following is my favorite. Thank you, Cougars for a great start to the season.

Holiday HOOPla!

Ok, these guys are good at taking the silly pictures! We had them all over the other night for food and a gift exchange. What a blast we had! If we had neighbors, I'm sure we would have some explaining to do. Nothing like a house full of laughter. Good times.

Where did Jace go in the second picture????

Mrs. Sullivan's Second Grade Class

Road Trips...

The Cougars were able to make two big road trips so far. One was to Sam Houston State University where the Regional Tournament for our classification will be held. We played Coldspring that night and the head coach there was JD's player 18 years ago. Wow, we are old. JD was thrilled to play there since he is a Bearkat!

New Scenery...

Let's just say this road trip to the Toyota Center in Houston was nothing like the roadtrips we have been used to in Texoma! Although our team there did play at the American Airlines Center one time before a Mavericks game, but this one was so close to home!

400th Victory for Coach Sullivan...

This was after the win over Hempstead. The Cougars earned Coach Sullivan his 400th career victory! At this time the cougars stand at 12-3, not bad for facing several state-ranked teams and learning a whole new system.

The Sweetest Boys Ever...

JD and I are blessed most of all to have these two fellas in our lives! Jackson's dry sense of humor (hmmm, wonder where he gets it) and Jace's constant entertainment (I really don't know where he gets that) keep us laughing.

Busy Fall...

Both boys played fall baseball all the way through November. They are signed up to play basketball after Christmas. Jackson made us proud by representing his class in the school spelling bee. He was so brave getting up in front of the entire school! He also made the UIL spelling team that will compete in January. Both boys have made lots of friends and have settled in nicely.




Jace turned 5 in August and Jackson turned 9 in September. Jace goes to preschool at First Baptist and Jackon is in third grade at Greens Prairie Elementary. Both schools are amazing and they are learning so much! We are lucky to have both places for our boys to learn and grow.


This is my favorite picture of Jace from this summer.

MOVING>>>>>>>>>it's for the birds!!!

I absolutely love everything about our move, but the actual process! It was worth all of the time and hard work, but getting the kitchen unpacked took about 3 days.

........stress???.............what's that???

Jace didn't seem phased by the move. It was like a vacation, but we get to stay! We got spoiled going to our neighborhood pool each day. We just loaded up the wagon and two blocks later we got to soak up the sun poolside or play in the park!


My wonderful mom and aunt took us all to Galveston for a long weekend at Pointe West rather than our annual trip to Colorado because of our move. It was much needed relaxation and no boxes to unpack for a few days!


My apologies for this being so long, but we have missed so many of our dear friends that we needed to catch up! I better click send now before I add more! I have to admit, this was fun to put together! .......hmmmm, maybe a Facebook page or blog in my future???

For the friends we have left behind, here is our contact information.

Our cell phones are the same.

4255 Rock Bend

College Station, Tx 77845