Our Government Witing

By: Jacob, Mateo, Moises, Exon, Christian, and Edward


Have you ever wonder if there were no rules in our country? Well you are going to learn about the Judicial,Legislative and the executive. The three branches are important because they make the rules and decide if the rules are appropriate.

Judicial Branch by: Moises Sinchi

The Judicial is like a court where there are nine judges and they work in the Supreme court. Also the Supreme court building is in Washington D.C. Also The Judicial jobs are to explain the laws on the Constitution. They all must decide if the laws are constitutional. Furthermore, The Justices from the Supreme Court are appointed by President. The Judicial Branch is the highest court in this land and their decisions are final.The Justices meet in Washington D.C.

Executive Branch by: Jacob Boatman

The Executive branch of government is an important because they make the laws that keep us safe official. Also because the executive branch is responsible for enforcing the laws of the United States of America. There are 15 cabinets. A cabinet is a group that works with the president to make sure the laws are chosen carefully. Also they help the president decide if they fair to the people.

Legislative Branch By: Mateo Trelles

The legislative is one of our branches it was established by the first article of the U S constitution. This branch consists of the house of representatives and the senate witch that forms the U S congress. One of the most important duty is to make laws to make them a new law they have to discuss and voted on in congress. There are 100 senators 2 from each state these senators are elected by their states and serve six years terms. The vice president is considered the head senate.

the three branches by: Exon and Edward

Las personas tienen un plan para hacer una constitución que va a ayudar el estado para formar 13 colonias. El poder Ejecutivo es el rama que hace las leyes official. La rama judicial es la rama que se asegura de que las leyes son constitucionales.También el Poder Judicial asegúrate de que las leyes son justas.

The people had a plan to make a constitution that will help the states to form 13 colonies.

The Executive branch is the one that makes the laws official. The Judicial branch is the one that makes sure the laws are constitutional. Also the Legislative branch make sure the laws are fair to others.


Now you know more about the three branches.We hope that you all enjoy the presentation and tell everybody at your house what you learned from this experience.

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