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You know we want you to want it

Use wimax

Fed up with waiting a few seconds before something loads. With WiMax you don't have to wait at all, because everything is better if its instant because life is to short to wait for things. It is good if you live in the middle of nowhere and want to contact civilization via the internet. It will cost billions to do but as the economy is so great right now the poor and starving can wait because we all want faster internet from the middle of nowhere.

Your information is a little bit easier to hack but that can be solved easily by not putting your private information on the internet.

How it works you don't ask.

well, the is a big wimax tower with a 10 mile radius for its signal to give internet to everybody (who can afford all this when we have to pay the cost back in tax that is) and the signals overlap so if one goes down you use another one unless that one goes down as well.