career ending injury's

Some of the worst injury's for an athlete. By: Luke Endries


Some of the worst injury's can happen in your head, like a concussion. A concussion is when you get hit hard in the head and your brain impacts your skull. The cause a bruise on the brain that can affect that part of the brain. This injury is common in football and if you get more than one concussion, you may need to quit. A way to prevent a concussion is wearing headgear with pads, This absorbs some of the blow to the skull so your head won't hit the skull as hard.

ACL Tear

Your ACL is your ligament in your knee. It connects your tibia to your femur. This injury does not happen on an impact hit like a concussion, with one change of direction you can be on the floor in lots of pain. This injury is common in, soccer, basketball, football, and skiing. Female athletes are six times more likely to tear their ACL than a male athlete

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Broken bones

This is one of the most common injuries in sports, a broken bone. With 206 bones in an adult body you can break anything. This is not career ending most of the time, but it still can be career ending. Joe Theisman a former Washington Redskins quarterback, was hit from his "blindside" and he broke two bones in the leg. Joe then retired and did not play another game of NFL football ever again

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Spinnal cord

This is a very serious injury. You can be paralyzed from head to toe if this happens. If you cannot move or someone else can't, call 911 emideitly