The 28th amendment

Paul Barrera

Background infromation

Everyday, the environment is becoming more polluted. We are using nonrenewable resources that ruin the earth. We must use more clean and eco-friendly methods of energy to preserve the environment. Solar panels use the sun in a completely safe way to produce energy. However, 0.8% of homes use this method
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What does it do?

This amendment pays hundreds of solar energies all across the country to give the citizens of the United States an eco-friendly option of energy. Congress will pay for 85% of it and pay for set-up fees.


This amendments benefits families by providing a safe and cheap way to produce energy. This amendment also benefits the economy by providing jobs, sales, and a larger Market for solar panels. Most importantly, thus amendments benefits Mother Earth by using environmentally friendly way of producing energy.
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  • A lot of money drained into this project
  • Areas which recieve less sunlight may not benefit from this amendment


This amendment is a rather pricey investment

  • Average installation price for average u.s. Home: $18,000-$40,000
  • Average amount of U.S. homes: 117,538,000

Average cost for whole operation would be $3,408,602,000,000.