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The Islam Faith

Muslims believe in one God, called Allah in Arabic. Muslims believe in Abraham and he was very important. The Koran is the holy book of Muslims,and Muhammad teaches the Muslim how to live.The worships leaders are a Mullah and an Imam.A Mullah teaches about the religion to younger people such as a teacher.An Imam is a power leader for Islam.The most common key beliefs is the five pillars.The first pillar is about the belief in one God which is Muhammad.The second pillar is that they pray five times a day: Dawn,noon,afternoon,sunset,and at night.The third pillar is about the charity in which they donate to the poor so that the rich can be even with the poor.The fourth pillar is about the fasting where they do not eat a certain thing.The last pillar is about the Islam pilgrimage and that they would go to the Annual Hajj to pray.They usually do the Qui'ran teaching of Muhammad in the Mosque.The Muslims worship at a Mosque usually on Friday.The most common holiday for Islam is Ramadan which is the ninth month of the Islamic year. They celebrate the prophet Muhammad. They may not eat from sunrise to sunset, because they show passionate to the poor. They want to make the rich equal to the poor. Ramadan also means that we have to be thankful for our food and drinks that we eat everyday. Finally, it is a special night where we have to ask for forgiveness for our sins. That night is better than a thousand months. A holy place of Islam is Ka'bah. It is heavenly bless and powerlessly touches the earth directly. Masjid al-Haram ("The Sacred Mosque"), is a large mosque in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.It surrounds the Kaaba, the place which all Muslims turn towards each day in prayer, considered by Muslims to be the holiest place on Earth.
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