November 28, 2022

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Virtual Parent Townhalls this week! Various topics each day.

All meetings will be held at this link:

Tuesday: Social Media & David's Law 3:00 PM

Wednesday: Drug Free School Environment 3:00 PM

Thursday: PBIS 3:00 PM

Friday: Bailey House System 3:00 PM

Blue House has free dress this week.

Refocus: Habit 2 Begin with the End in Mind!!

5 - Habit 2: Begin with the End In Mind

Principal's Corner

Welcome back! As we return to campus, we must be intentional about maintaining the systems that provide structure on our campus. We have done an excellent job of communicating the systems and routines to leaders and staff members. We hold each other accountable daily, and that is one of our major strengths. However, we can only go so far if we are the only people aware of the intricate expectations of each system. This week, we will focus on the following:

1. Whole Group Reset: Resetting arrival, dismissal, cafeteria, and hallway transitions. We will teach the rubric indicators to our students and new staff.

2. Goal Setting: This week, we will roll out the first iteration of the Bailey Data Driven Action Planning app for staff members. Additionally, each student will receive a personalized goal setting form. We will distribute the forms this week, and engage in campus wide goal setting during 1st period Friday.

3. Parent Engagement: This month, we will host parent engagement and virtual lessons to help parents understand what our goals are, what their child's goals are, and what the campus wide expectations are.

BACK TO THE BASICS: We are going back to this basic idea: "Students will not be motivated to meet an expectation if they do not understand what the expectation is." This week, each individual student will identify their academic goals. They will learn what their base line is and identify a goal for growth. I am committed to making students and parents aware of individual student progress and goals.

Food Giveaway Success!!!

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I am very grateful for everyone who joined us for the Houston Foodbank Giveaway!! It was extremely well planned and organized thanks to our coordinator, Dr. Booker. We had student volunteers, teacher volunteers, and very grateful parents. Halfway through the event, we discovered that we would have over 150 boxes left due to the low turnout. In true Bailey fashion, we pivoted. The ENTIRE group of volunteers helped put 150 boxes of food into plastic bags. Then they loaded the boxes into three pick-up trucks. Coach Hammond, Coach James, Coach Harrold, Mr. Harris and Mr. Maxie battled the cold rain and slippery roads to drive the boxes of food to the Vistas apartments, where many of our students live. Ms. Selmon and Mrs. Jackson knocked on individual doors to let residents know we were giving away food. The response was amazing!

The parents and students were so happy to see the Bailey Staff in their community. Many of them said that they wanted the food but could not make it to campus. We gave away all of the food boxes in one hour!! And the operation at the campus remained steady and flowed smoothly. Thank you, Team Bailey, for bringing JOY to our students!




Up next?

  • Coach Harrold's Blanket Drive
  • Iron Sharpens Iron (Boys Conference)
  • Math Parent Night Dec 14

Bringing Illegal Substances to Campus: ZERO TOLERANCE

Please be advised that bringing any illegal substance to campus, using illegal substances, and distributing illegal substances are criminal acts. Such behavior will be treated as criminal activity, it will be investigated by police, and it will result in removal from our campus to alternative school. This notice is to advise all parents in advance. Please be advised of the following: A student who claims that the illegal substance belongs to someone else is liable. Find attached an article and a video that explains "possession".
Can I Be Arrested? I Wasn't Carrying The Drugs.

Stay in the know. We need your help!

Bringing and ingesting illegal substances at school is dangerous. Our community will continue praying for our students and staff at DeKaney. It is imperative that we take action to ensure our schools are safe. We need our parents and students to support us in ensuring students do not bring illegal substances to school.
Two Dekaney High School students rushed to hospital


Several students have reported that there are Bailey Instagram pages that bully, intimidate, and shame other students. I have started an "IceUout" campaign to encourage students to unfollow, block, and report these pages. However, we need your help as parents. Please monitor your child's social media. If your child is found to have engaged in social media bullying, the offense can result in criminal charges for the student and the parent. Additionally, students under the age of 13 should not have a social media account at all. If a minor under the age of 13 has an independent social media account, it is an indicator that they falsified their age when the account was created. Our campus will handle such infractions as the "inappropriate use of technology." These infractions will result in suspension and possible removal from the campus.

See Below for Helpful Bailey Links!


Thank you to everyone who showed support during our fall athletics season. Next up, basketball! Congratulations to all of our Lady Buccaneers! Good luck to the boys trying out this week.

Take a Look at What's Happening in Spring ISD

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Planet Ford Stadium Safety and Security Reminders

Planet Ford Stadium Policies and Guidelines listed below:

  • No firearms allowed

  • State law and school district policies will be in effect concerning alcoholic beverages and controlled substances

  • The use of tobacco products in any form is prohibited on all school district property (State Law)

  • Glass bottles/containers are prohibited in the stadium and parking lot

  • Items such as frisbees, balls, whistles, etc. are not allowed

  • Umbrellas are prohibited in the stadium

  • No portable seating or furniture is permitted

The above is not an exhaustive list, but you may go to: and guidelines to view the complete Stadium Policies and Guidelines, or click here.

Spring ISD Toy Drive

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Attention all schools, parents, PTAs/PTOs, Booster Clubs, and the Spring ISD community!

Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM) has challenged the Superintendents of Aldine ISD, Klein ISD, and Spring ISD to a friendly competition of collecting new, unwrapped toys! NAM will distribute the toys along with a holiday meal in December.

We are asking all Spring ISD campuses and offices to take part in the drive from Nov. 1 to Dec. 1. You can drop off your donations at any Spring ISD facility.

NAM serves more than 5,500 children from the surrounding community with hundreds more on the waiting list.

Academic Night

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Winter Wonderland Literacy Event

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Financial Empowerment Series

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*Additional District Information*

Spring ISD Technology Department Launches Student Service Desk

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SMART START School Early Learning Program

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Become a Mentor at Spring ISD! Join The Vine Mentoring Program - ALL LEVELS

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Spring ISD Parent Assistance Hotline

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Use the Report Bullying Tool to Report Possible Instances of Bullying to Spring ISD Officials

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Best Hallway Transitions
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