Los Angeles, California

by:Brooke Baum


In Los Angeles the weather is always sunny and 75. There low can get as low as 46 degrees though. From asking my friend how the weather in Los Angeles is she always seems to say very sunny. The winds only reach up to 3mph. During the day it always feels amazing but at night time theres a small breeze which makes it colder than usual. In California their isn't much rain and when their is it's very light. One thing that I noticed was very high was the humidity percentage it got up to 73%. Los Angeles doesn't have any hurricanes or tornadoes but they always are prone to having earthquakes.
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The City

Los Angeles has 3.884 million people living their. Los Angeles is a very big city and always full of people. From personal experience their is tons of traffic but its really worth the wait. Los Angeles doesn't have any mountains but they are located near some. Their are mountains in santa monica which is like 30 minutes to an hour drive away.
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Tiffany Stringer

I interviewed one of my sisters good friends that recently moved there. She said the weather is beatific as always and just has recently had a small cold breeze. She said she loves it their. She moved out their to try out for american idol but didn't make it far in the show. She said the weather is pretty much the same as it always is. She is from Southlake Texas and four weeks ago moved to California. By the things she has told me she likes it a lot.
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Los Angeles is at a latitude of 34.0500 N

Horse Latitudes(high pressure)

The beaches

In Los Angeles their are lots of different beaches. The waves at each of them are very big they are known for surfing. The beaches though are very prone to shark attacks.
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Predicted Weather

When I predicted the weatherI was right on because the weather never changes a big amount there. Los Angeles weather is amazing and something that everybody dreams of being in.
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