The history of Tobacco

Born October 15 1492 - present


The seed of a tobacco plant is very small. A 1 ounce sample contains about 300,000 seeds. in 1492 Christopher Columbus was offered dried tobacco leaves as a gift from the Native Americans; soon after sailors brought tobacco back to Europe where the tobacco seed grew.

Tobacco`s history

During the 1600's, tobacco was so popular that it was frequently used as money! Tobacco was literally "as good as gold!"

This was also a time when some of the dangerous effects of smoking tobacco were being realized by some individuals. In 1610 Sir Francis Bacon noted that trying to quit the bad habit was really hard!

Be cool dont be a smoking fool

5 facts about tobacco

  • There are 1.1 billion tobacco users in the world. This number is expected to increase to 1.6 billion over the next two decades.
  • Addiction to tobacco impacts poverty and development. In poorer countries, up to 30% of income is spent on tobacco, reducing funds available for nutrition, education and health care.
  • 100 million people died from tobacco-related diseases in the 20th century. Without action taken, 1 billion people could die this century from tobacco-related diseases.
  • There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke.
  • Tobacco kills up to 50% of its users.


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