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Hello All,

I hope you're able to see the wonderful background behind this posting. There are trees, flowers, bushes, and a warm sun shining down. This is in stark contrast to the blustery and wintry weather that greeted staff and students alike on their first day back from Spring Break. With any luck, it'll warm up before the Red Jacket 5K scheduled during Wild Water Derby Weekend!

If the weather weren't enough of a downer, we now begin the longest uninterrupted stretch of school in the entire academic year: eight straight weeks of classes, homework, projects, sporting events, awards ceremonies, AP exams, budget votes, concerts and art festivals, parent/teacher conferences (shout out to the elementary school), State assessments (shout out to the middle school), and Service Learning Fairs...and don't forget Mother's Day May 8th!

Some call this The Stretch Run. Others call it The Gauntlet. Whatever you call it, I'd like to share three words of advice:

Be here now.

Many times I've found myself focusing on what is around the next corner as opposed to what is in front of me. As a principal, I've found that I've gotten into the habit of always thinking ahead -- ordering State Assessments months in advance; planning next year's calendar events; thinking about what I can do to improve upon what I've done this year. I think about the future so much that I actually have a notepad labelled Things To Change For Next Year. In case you're wondering, there's currently 18 things on it.

Though it is important and necessary to plan ahead, I have to continually remind myself that I need to be loyal to the here and now. I cannot overly concern myself with future issues. Otherwise, I lose focus on the most important issues right in front of me: your children. The three-word mantra of "Be here now" reminds me to keep the most important things the most important things.

Likewise, It is very easy for students to start thinking of the future during this part of the year -- whether it be the Senior focusing on their next phase in life or the Freshman eager to move up in the ranks -- most students have their eyes squarely set on the future. I ask, though, that you help remind them of the task in front of them: To finish the year strong. To stay committed to their success and education. To keep working until the work is done. To be here now.

As always, thank you for your continued dedication to our children.

Service Learning Fair

Wednesday, April 6th, 6-7pm

HS Cafeteria