Jimmy Carter

39th President of the United States

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Election of 1976

  • Democrat Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale v. Republican Gerald Ford and Bob Dole

  • 297 v. 240 electoral votes

  • Former President Ford was blamed with the poor economy and how he dealt with the Vietnam War, as well as Nixon’s pardon

  • Faced huge opposition even from his own party

  • Very close election, Carter had many votes from South, where he was from

  • First president from Deep South since Zachary Taylor

  • Carter ran as a ‘clean’ man who wasn’t involved in any scandals in the government

  • Ford ran as an established leader who had the power to make things happen

Democrat Electoral - 297 Popular - 40,831,881

Republican Electoral - 240 Popular - 39,148,634

Humanitarian Efforts

  • Carter regarded as successful because of his peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts

  • Carter and UN ambassador Andrew Young fought for the black minorities in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa

  • In September 1978, Carter organized a meeting between President Anwar Sadat of Egypt and Prime Minister Menachem Begin of Israel in the Camp David Accords to discuss peace as hostile conditions between them heightened

  • Israel agreed to pull back troops from land gained in the 1967 war, and Egypt agreed to respect Israel’s borders

  • Carter also made treaties which turned over complete control of the Panama canal over to the Panamanians by year 2000

  • On the other side, detente was also contested as Cuban troops with the Soviets started to heat up rebellions around the world

Economic and Energy Issues

  • Economy was failing as the people kept spending without any repercussions
  • Carter passed an act that cut $18 billion from tax in 1978
  • Inflation increasing by more than 10% every year
  • Debt increased exponentially as imports greatly outnumbered exports
  • Too dependent from foreign oil
  • Shah of Iran was overthrown by an Iranian fundamentalist, very anti-Western
  • OPEC, or Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, started charging more for their exclusive rights which the US had no answer to, leading to an energy crisis
  • Carter warns of Americans being too materialistic in response
  • Fires four cabinet members and takes more tighter control
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Iranian Hostage Crisis

Iranian Hostage Crisis
  • 1979, anti-American Muslim protestors stormed the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran
  • Demanded their Shah come back and took hostages
  • The USSR invades Afghanistan, causing a threat to oil supplies
  • Carter embargoed Soviet goods and boycotted the Moscow Olympics in response
  • Carter tried to rescue these hostages, but dragged on until Ronald Reagan's inauguration, in which the US were wholly embarrassed and scrutinized