Life style adoption in pregnancy.

By Mr. Mack.

First Trimester: Developing baby.

The first trimester is when the baby starts looking like a baby. The mouth nose and ears appear and intestines are developing. The heart beats twice as much as you while blood crosses through his body. As the baby starts its change so do the mother. Most women will become very moody on day then joyful the next, what is happening is normal. Women will spot often or bleed as well, that is a sign that you are pergnant but can also be a sign of a miscarriage so it is very important to call your doctor when bleeding or spoting occurs.

The last weeks in to the trimester of the pregnancy is when the baby looks like the size of a fig. hands begain to open in close and bones begain to harden. During this stage you tend to start to feel the kiking in the belly. And a week or two is when the finger prints start to form.

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Third Trimester

The last trimester is here. Your baby is blinking now with eyelashes, eye sight are coming to the child and maybe able to see the light that come through the womb. Around 33 your baby is around 4pounds and is losing the wrinkled skin.

During this trimester your most likely to gain 11 pounds during this trimester. You should be seeing your docter every two weeks. about 33 weeks in you should try to sleep. you may find yourself waddling.

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Dads advice

Most men feel left out. Dont feel that way you must be patient with her. Try to stay calm when she is not. and do anything you can to help her. To be ready for the baby make sure you read baby books and try your best to be the best dad ever.!