Lima, Peru

Lima, on the coast of Peru, will make your dreams come true!

Love your Life

Amazing Activities

Time to check in! You will definately want to visit the Plaza Mayor in Lima. It's a cathederal , city hall, and a government palace in there! Go visit! The Palacio de Justicia (place of justice) looks just like a palace! Your little prince or princess will love it! There are also many international airports, bus companies, and a lot of taxi services for you to transport with. Also, just in case you need them, there are fantastic hospitals and doctors you can go to. There are also tons of shopping facilities for you! Fantabulous! In Lima, you have transportation and shopping ready to go!

(To your left is the Plaza Mayor in Lima.)

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Lima Munchies

All your meals are ready, bring it on! When you visit Lima, Peru, you will be offered some highlands food like tomatoes, corn, and peppers. A little twist to your fun vacation will be so sweet! Peru loves sweets. If you like cinnamon, just wait until you try a churro. It will be your best friend! You have seen a pepper before, right? Now you can try something new that looks just like a pepper- rocoto! It will put your vacation on fire! Lastly, a dish called causa, which includes yellow potatoes and is served with lettuce and other delicious ingredients! Turn up your taste buds because you have got all your meals planned!

(To the right is a picture of a rocoto.)

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Having History

Even though Peru has been around for a while, it sure rocks! In 1535, Lima, Peru was founded. Even though it is old, you will love everything about it! The most recent president is Ollanta Humala. He has been president since July 28, 2011. Peru bosts one of the largest art galleries on the planet, as well. Wow! Peru has been around, creating history, for a long time, so let's celebrate!

(To the left is a picture of Ollanta Humala)

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Lovely Landmarks

Planning on going somewhere? The Huaca Hallamara, an ancient pre-Inca, is a magnificent pyramid structure to go see! Including a rather eye catching shade of pink, is the Palacio de Torre Tagle. You will absolutely love it! You might also want to visit the Palacio de los Suspiros, or in other words, the bridge of sights! Lastly, the Mueso de la Inquisicion, is the headquarters of inquicion and fashion. You will love your sightseeing places!

( To the right is the Palacio de Torre Tagle.)

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The Basic Things

Cool Climate

Will it be hot or cold? The Selva is a hot and humid place in Peru with plants and animals. If you live in the cold and windy, this is the place for you! You will love the eastern lowland jungle of the amazon basin! In the center of Peru is the highland rugged, Andes mountains. Your family will love to climb it! Additionally, most of Peru's temperature is a cool, tropical climate. You have definately got to stick with the weather in Peru!

Lots of Language

Are you bilingual like some people in Lima? Brought over by the Inca indians, was the language spanish and quecha. Quecha and ayamara are spanish and indiginous languages. Resolving the love of sweets there, "dulces," means sweet things! There are also numerous amounts of amazonian languages, such as urarina. What language would you speak?

( To the left, is picture of the inca indians. )

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Peru is Located at the BEST Place!

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