Air Pollution

By: Gabriela Ramos 3rd

What is Air Pollution?

Air pollution a gas that can affect the environment it can also be called a smog. Smog is another word for under ground ozone. Not all ozone is good to the earth. It is the smelly thing that turns the air gray. Most of the air in the U.S is not safe.

Impact on Ecosystem

Some impacts is that air pollution is not only hurting humans it will also affect plants, animals, bacteria, fungi these things are important because they make up the community. Like the food chain where organisms like produces and consumers are affected there is oxygen and water cycle that sustain the environment. Other impacts which affects us as humans is it can give you lung problems, asthma, heart problems and it can lead you to death.

How to prevent Air Pollution?

Some challenges people will face...

Some possible challenges is that if you got o work on bus or taxi you will have to pay. Also you can be late because the bus may take its time. Other challenges is that people can be addicted to smoking. For recycling people should stop being lazy and wait tell they get home or tell they see a recycling to throw away there paper or water bottles.
What is Air Pollution? Causes & Effects | Mocomi Kids

Video Summary

  • Harms the environment and kills plants
  • gases from vehicle causes acid rain which harms environment
  • refrigerator and air conditioners also harm the air
  • Naturally things from earth also affect the air
  • it passes lung cancer if you are exposes to it for long time
Air Pollution

Summery of video

  • there are three sources Natural, Stationary, Mobile
  • chemicals can produce naturally by tornados, volcanos
  • pine trees are VOC's can lead to smog
  • Photochemical smog is caused b NOx+ VOCs+the sun
  • how to eliminate air pollution is putting strict stander you are being limited