Saludos de la Clase

Ms. Fitz' Spanish II Class

Exciting News!

Good afternoon Parents, Guardians and students,

I am very excited about what is to come for the rest of the semester. Students will be working in groups to plan a special event, "un evento especial." The best part about this is that students will pitch their event to some of the campus professionals and principals and they will then determine which event company won their "business."

I am very excited about this project, and I know I will need help with some aspects of the project. If you have any of the following skills or knowledge, please let me know as I would love to have you as a guest speaker in my class:

1. Seamstress or clothing/costume design experience

2. Can make tamales and/or other traditional hispanic foods

3. Has planned a large event such as a birthday, wedding, reunion, etc.

4. Has culinary skills - geared toward entertaining large groups of people

5. Florist, or experience in floral design

Please contact me as soon as possible if you can help with any aspect of this project, I would greatly appreciate it.


Here are three Podcasts that could enhance student language comprehension:

1. Coffee Break Spanish

- This is a great podcast for listening and practicing correct pronunciation of many frequently used Spanish words and phrases.

2. Notes in Spanish

- Listen to a native Spanish speaker and have accompanying worksheets to practice your comprehension, what could be better!

3. Audiria

-With new Spanish podcasts everyday, nothing could be better for students to have continued exposure to the language and culture.

Fun Facts about Ms. Fitz

1. I was born on December 23rd, so I cam home on Christmas day. Talk about a great Christmas present ;).

2. My Toms (a style of shoe) have been to over 10 different countries.

3. I love to Two-step whenever I get the chance to go to Billy Bob's in Fort Worth.