Take the Oregon Trail

By: Mara DeValkenaere

September 10, 1835

Alright folks meet in independence Missouri at 8:30 to learn about the Oregon Trail. (8:30) Folks you have to be commited to make this 2,000 mile journey to Oregon. You will need to be ready to suffer from deadly dieseases like typhoid fever, Cholera and dysentery. You will want to bring plenty of food because this journey will take you a solid 4-6 months.

September 11, 1835

Last night you had the chance to learn about the Oregon trail. But if some of you weren't able to make it or still need to here more I will be back in Independence Missouri tonight at 7:30 If you would like to join me. (7:30) On the Oregon trail you will face Indians and will be forced to lighten your load when your animals get tired. There is a chance you could lose your wagon or your life. You will also have to cross many rivers through out the journey. If you would like to make the journey there is a wagon train leaving tomorrow from right here in Independence Missouri.

What to pack

You need to pack around 10 pounds of food and 30 pounds of water. You need to pack 2 pairs of clothes one for the trail and one for Oregon also you will need 2 pairs of shoes. You will also need pots and pans and silverware. You also need to pack one averaged sized tent and a blanket for every family member. You will also need 1 coat. Lastly you need to pack bandages and medicine.
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