Sterilizing and Patients Charts

Jayde Senior-Stewart@ Blessed Smiles Dentistry


May 17th 2016

Time of Demo:

12:30 p.m.

Description of Activity: Santizing Equipment. Organizing patients files for next day appointments

I will be teaching you how to sanitize equipment and prepare trays for the Dental Hygienist, and the Dental Assistants. Also pull out files for next day appointments and how to look up if the patients have insurance or not.


I have chosen to do these specific tasks because it is part of my daily routine to help organize the office for the day and also for the day after.

Details of the Activity:

1.Put on latex gloves

2.Put used utensils in the sterilizer

3.Wipe down dirty trays with wipes and wrap it in plastic

4.Take utensils out of sterilizer and put it in the autoclave machine

5.Sort out equipment into category's(i.e probe,scaler)

6.Prepare trays with the right equipment(i.e mirror,tongs,)

7.Print out schedule for the next day

8.Look up patients to see if they have insurance or not

9.Pull out patients files and sort them out for the next day

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Required Materials:

Sterilizing: Latex gloves, trays, dental equipment and sterilizer

Appointments: Schedule and patient files

Special Instructions:

Do not wear anything that you would not want to get dirty

Approved: May 17th 2016, 1:30 p.m. and Sterilizing and Pulling Out Patient Flies

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