Macbeth Act 5 Scene 1

1971 Roman Polanski vs. 2010 Rupert Goold

Witch one of these 2 versions were closer to the text of the book.

Theses Versions compare to the text of the book because they both have the same tone as the book. They also compare to the book because they keep the same words as the book instead of putting it in there own words. The version that was the most accurate to the book was the 1971 Roman Polanski version. This version was the closest to the book because it had the same tone and setting and characterization as the book. The film that I liked better was 2010 Rupert Goold version because it gave me a better understanding and it caught more of my attention and it was more intense then the other film.
Macbeth Polanski 1971 pt.14 Lady Sonâmbula (português).avi
레이디 맥베스