By:Maggie Mueller

The Source- Haiku

The sun shining bright.

Creating a source of sights.

Showing birds at flight.

School- Acrostic Poem

Significant with intelligence.

Choose to learn.

Highly-qualified with skill.

Open-minded about different cultures.

Opinion is given.

Listen to your peers.

Nighttime- Clinquain Poem


silent things

the sleeping animals

Everything stops for night.


Wishing Out of this World- Wish Poem

I wish I could travel the galaxy.

I wish I could explore the universe.

I wish I could have more dreams in this world.

Used to Be - I used to Poem

I used to be so precious,

little, and fragile.

I used to question,

each and every idea.

I used to be in elementary school,

so excited and restless.

But now I am me, and thats all I will ever be.

Just me.

Chocolate Desert- Found Poem

Craving a sweet delight?





Chocolate Chip Cookies,

Dark Chocolate,

Chocolate Syrup,

Milk Chocolate.

Craving a sweet delight?

I Once was in the Garden, Picking Berries, to my dismay I saw a Berry with a Face- Terse Verse

"scary berry."

Maggie Mae- Clerihew Poem

She was born on a day.

She was once a biter.

She grew up and became a fighter.

Smile Through Nature- Haiku

The bird at flight.

The trees were full of smiles.

The people were glad.

Rabbits- Repeat A Word Poem

The rabbits unsprung.

The rabbits bounced.

The rabbits leapfrogging.

The rabbits vaulted.

The rabbits skipping.

The rabbits jolted.

The Child that Asked and Questioned. - Free Verse


“do birds fly.”

“the grass grow.”

“the birds crow.”

“the grass sit, silent and still”


Chlidren- Clerihew

Are questioning machines.

Made for learning, and understanding.

Exploring the world, one step at a time.

Food- Free Verse

Delicious delight.

Craving for the smell, the sight.

The satisfying delight.

Study- Acrostic Poem

Scrutiny with pressure.

Trance from staying up to late.

Understanding of each subject.

Determined to finish.

Yearning to remember.

Life- Free Verse

Beautiful and dreadful.

Loving and crushing.

Eventful and painful.