Cancer Research Assignment


The Project

You will gather information about a certain kind of cancer assigned by your teacher and put the information in one Google slide of a presentation created for your class. You are responsible for only one slide within the presentation.

Print Materials

Find these on the cart or search the catalog using the link below.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Access thousands of non-fiction and reference ebooks through the Gale Virtual Reference library. Email, print, copy/paste, or download sections of books that you want. Click "citation" to cite automatically. You can search within these results to find information about specific cancers.
Gale Virtual Reference Library Books on Cancer

No login required on campus. From home, login to Mackin Via first.


You can access over 100,000 non-fiction ebooks through Ebrary. You can search within each book and copy/paste sections from any book without downloading the entire book. Anything you copy/paste is automatically cited for you as well! Highlight and make notes within the book that you can access later.

Ebrary Books on Cancer

Login with your usual school login (ID and birthday).


Use the Website Evaluation Checklist below to evaluate these and other online sources.


Mackin Via

To access all databases at home, log in to Mackin Via with your ID number and birthdate.

Citation Generators

Presentations Are Linked Below

Choose your teacher's name and class period carefully.

Edit one slide and fill in the requested information.

Be certain not to accidentally edit someone else's slide.