New Wellness Advocate Agreement

First 3 Months with Your DoTerra Team

Welcome to our DoTerra Family!

If you are receiving this it is because you have been offered an invitation to step into a higher level of partnership with those who enrolled you in DoTerra. This agreement provides the tools to get you up to speed for the Pathway to Platinum Agreement, which is designed to accelerate your rate of growth, income and maintain healthy agreements with you and your team as we build our businesses together. We ask that before we begin our partnership together, you agree and sign your consent to the following agreements.

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First Agreement: Live . Share . Build . Lead .

You'll find the image below helpful for this agreement. These are not just business skills, these are life skills. The more comfortable you are in all of these roles, the more potential you have to make your contribution to our world a powerful act of co-creation. Assuming a minimum level of commitment, whatever pace you choose for building your business, you will need to do ALL of these steps every week, every month, not just some.

This is not conventional network marketing, this is peer mentoring with the goal of mutual prosperity and right livelihood and the tools to make that happen.

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1. Live: Know the product, use the product because you love and believe in it, create goals.

2. Share: Map out a plan to share the products, guide and support others, invite others to learn about Doterra.

3. Build: teach/present Doterra, enroll and answer questions, follow up with all your contacts.

4. Lead: Strategy of structuring and mentoring, nurture your people!

Second Agreement: Personal Development

We are asking that you consider it part of your job to develop your passions and higher purposes. This means take art classes, see your friends, become someone in your community who refers other professionals (without necessarily trying to sell them something). If you are shy or insecure or need to meet more people we ask that you take a personal development course to burst out of those habits or listen to great thinkers of our time who can infuse you with inspiration.

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It's not about hunting down everyone you know to sell to them, but instead becoming active in your community and building lasting relationships. We are not a recruiting business. Trust me!

We are asking that you agree to a positive mindset and that your main focus be to help others. Competition and arguments are not necessary. In Doterra we are a volunteer army.

Be the change you want to see. Go Through the assessment exercises in the following link to clarify your vision, attitudes, intentions and path:

Third Agreement: Loyalty Rewards (LRP) Monthly Purchase

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is perfect for professionals who have new or existing businesses that DoTerra will dovetail into seamlessly: nutritionists, health and wellness coaches, acupuncturists, bodyworkers, somatic psychotherapists.

While you are getting up to speed, learning about DoTerra, building your strategy, familiarizing yourself with the product and the applications, you agree to maintain a minimum monthly purchase of 100 pv (product value) for business and personal use. Basically, $100 - $150/month. Product value for oils is almost always an equal dollar-to-dollar ratio of money spent to the product value amount, accessories have a lower product value to dollars spent ratio.

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Build your apothecary while you build your business!

Fourth Agreement: Build Your “Power of Three” First Line

During your first 3 months, you agree to work towards building your 1st line of 3 Team-builders. Once in place, you will earn your $50 monthly bonus, so your monthly LRP investment is cut in half.

  • Write out WHY sharing doTerra is important to you, HOW you want to work with your team, and WHO you want to seek as potential enrollees. Keep this close to you, and when you feel like you're not sure what you are doing, just read them again.

  • Plan your sharing format strategy: research and brainstorm content for classes and/or webinars based on the strengths of your natural gifts.

  • Hold at least one class/month with a team member.

Follow this link to help identify the commitment potential of prospective enrollees, and to learn about making placement decisions for when that time comes:
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Fifth Agreement: Participate in Weekly Training

1. We are asking that you are listening to a speaker of your choice every week for their power call by calling in live or listening to their archive of recordings. By participating every week you are SURE to build the confidence needed to rank advance.

2. We also ask you to begin right away the success challenge training program which guides you week by week in exactly what to do for your business.

Here are some options, click the links below and find which you like the best:

Sixth Agreement: Transitioning to the Platinum Agreement

After your first 3 months, working with all of the tools presented here, you agree to either transition to the "Pathway to Platinum" agreement or to sign over your account to someone of our choosing.

With this kind of work, if you can stick through the first year, you are sure to find success. But if it's truly not for you, there is an exit plan. We will be here to support you every step of the way so that you do not give up!

Final Step! Creating Our Partnership and Signing On:

As business partners we will be working to build one another's businesses for a lifetime! Did you know that your Doterra business can be inherited after you are gone?

We will be sharing contacts, leads and offering one another our time, energy and resources. At some point in growing your business, you and your team will have to navigate and embrace generosity and trust. We ask that you sign your consent to the agreements above after thoughtful consideration, and that you fully agree to sign over your account if you no longer can commit to our agreement.

Please sign this document via a reply to the email this was sent from:

"Yes, I agree to the New Enrollee Agreements!"

Welcome to Our DoTerra Family!

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Gretchen Mehlhoff

Gretchen came to DoTerra as a health and wellness coach and yoga instructor, with a deep desire to share the plant-based wisdom of essential oils and empower her community with powerful tools for health and healing.

She is inspired by right livelihood, conscious co-existence, synergy, systems, synthesis, compassionate conservation, rewilding and the mutual prosperity and wellbeing for all beings.