Tokyo, Japan

The Country of The Rising Sun

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There are approximately 13,282,271 people in Tokyo. The density is 6 000/ km2. The area of Tokyo is 2,187.66 km2.

Juveniles (age 0-14)- 1.461 million (11.8%)
Working (age 15-64)- 8.546 million (69.3%)
Retired (age 65+)- 2.332 million (18.9%)


Tokyo has 2 airports, the Narita Airport and the Haneda Airport. They have a large system of subways and they have a special system, called the Shinkansen. This is a network of bullet trains that connect 2 of Japan's islands. They run at a stunning speed of 320km/h and so is very efficient.
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Tokyo is very successful economically. They have a GDP of $1.91 trillion, and in comparison, Washington DC has a GDP of only $93.82 billion! They also have headquarters of 51 companies of the Global 500 (ranking of top 500 corporations worldwide based on revenue). Tokyo does not heavily manufacture many products, just light-manufacturing items such as books.

agriculture: 3.9%
industry: 26.2%
services: 69.8%

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Honorable Mentions

  • Ranked the most populous metropolitan area in the world
  • Ranked best overall experience in the world in 2014 by TripAdvisor
  • 3rd most livable city in the world
  • Rated the most populous metropolitan area in the world
  • "World's Greatest City" -- Travel.CNN

Reasons to visit Tokyo

There are numerous reasons to visit this wonderfully modern but also historical area. The attractions are very unique and fun to visit, and the technology is very advanced. You can see many new futuristic equipment being used and tested! In addition, the service and many unique lifestyles already may captivate tourists!

Unique Experiences

There are many great experiences and unique features to Tokyo that you can't find in North America.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel

This hotel, as seen above, has a stunning view onto the modern city. This hotel is a very luxurious hotel, still with some traditional Japanese Decorations but still state-of-the art. With all the buildings below, you know that there's always more to explore!
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Built-in-fan Mattress

Japan has had many amazing inventions and innovations, with this being just one of the few. You can purchase a mattress with a built-in fan with just $300! A very unique and creative idea!
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Tokyo's Disneyland

Tokyo has it's very own Disneyland! It features all of the common attractions at other Disneylands, and so is a very great attraction in Japan.

Vending Machines

Japan has some of the most unique vending machines. They sell almost anything you can think of, even lettuce! I thought that this was a very unique experience.
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