Live Life to the Fullest

Cole Bailey 4&5th Period

Analysis of the Development of Theme

In "Freak the Mighty" the Characterization of Freak and Max interact with the conflict to develop the theme. Freak is a brilliant mind. He loves to make things and quests. Although he knows he will die early in his life, he still lives it out.

Max is kind of like the opposite of Freak, though they make very good friends. Max is a big kid with a big heart, who loves to protect his friend Freak. When bad things happen to Freak, there are big conflicts. Although Max pulls through.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I think this theme is very true. I also agree with it very much. This author developed it very well. I think this because it is so true. It also shows you shouldn't wait around for things. You should get out and go do things with your life. This theme even relates to right now. Most kids are wasting their lives playing, and living in their video games, instead of living their life.


This book is about life. It is also about friendship and love. It doesn't tell us a date, But we can assume it was about in the 1990's. It's about two totally different kids named Kevin (nicknamed Freak) and Max. The story mostly takes place in or near their neighborhood. The reason the author chose this book is to warm our hearts and show kids reading is fun. I highly encourage you to read this book. Next time, on Literacy Talk, we will be talking about a book named "Tangerine.