Potential, kinetic, and Conservation of Energy

Potential Energy! WE ALL HAVE IT!

Potential energy is the stored energy of an object. It is not in motion but the energy that is stored gives it the potential to move later in time. For example when you stick an arrow in a bow and pull it back, that is your potential energy. It is not moving but it has the potential too, because once you let go of the string, the arrow will shoot out and hit the target.

kinetic energy! We can all make it happen!

Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. It is the work that is needed to accelerate an object and get it moving from being at rest. For example, after you pull the string back on a bow with the arrow in it, once you release it, that is your kinetic energy. It is the energy that is moving as shown above in the picture. ^^^

Conservation of Energy! It's always there!

Conservation of Energy means that the total energy of a system can't change, the energy is not gaines, or lost, but conserved! The energy can not be created nor destroyed, it is transformed to different types of energy, but the total amount is always the same. For example, when shooting a bow, you begin with potential energy once the arrow is pulled back, but then transformed into kinetic energy once the arrow is let go and shot out. Supporting the Conservation of Energy.