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Do you love seeing a child enjoy a book?

Well, why not make putting books into children's hands your business?

Usborne Books at Home are offering you the chance to open your own 'pop-up bookshop' for just £38, selling award-winning children's books at parties, schools and other events, and supporting others to do the same.

What is Usborne Books at Home all about?

Usborne Publishing has had an unrivalled reputation for producing award winning, quality children’s books for over 40 years, and the Books at Home arm of the company celebrates its 35th birthday this year.

The simple idea of the business is to sell children’s books and build your own team. Usborne supply you with all the tools you need to get going and start earning money in your Starter Kit - it really is a business in a box!

  • A selection of books from across the whole catalogue
  • Four 2016 catalogues
  • A pack of the latest season's leaflet
  • Book party invitations
  • Order pad
  • Agreement Forms
  • 'Passport to Success' booklet

Don’t be afraid of the word ‘sell’. Books are considered a necessary purchase, rather than a luxury by most conscientious parents. They are always keen to receive advice and guidance when choosing appropriate books for their children. With World Book Day in March, the long school holidays and of course Christmas, (not to mention birthdays and birthday parties) there is ALWAYS an opportunity for a new book!

YOUR Business, YOUR Way

Whether you want to work to replace an income, earn some extra pocket money, challenge your brain in a new way or make a difference in your local community, there is a way to work an Usborne business around family life, other work commitments and future plans.

It's YOUR business to run YOUR way, with no targets to meet so you really can work as much as you want to, when you want to.

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What's in it for me?

Obviously there is the pay. This starts at 24% commission on everything you sell and can rise immediately to 26%. If you recruit other Organisers you will earn from them - in return for helping them get their business running, of course.

Your first 12 weeks with Usborne will be busy and exciting with the opportunity to get another £50 worth of books for free, get your Kit Fee reimbursed, free access to the online marketing package and gain a £200 cash bonus! All this in addition to your basic commission!

We also have training sessions, gala events and conferences. These give you the opportunity to meet other Organisers and hear about new initiatives, see forthcoming titles and have a bit of “you time".

There are also opportunities to win international travel incentives - in 2012 I went on a fabulous trip to Italy, and this year we are working towards Las Vegas!

Aside from all that Usborne offer, there is the flexibility of the business to meet your needs: chance for you to escape the 9-5; supplement a part time job; get out of the house for some “you time” that still benefits your family; having the ability to drop everything if needs be; work at times to suit you; to earn some extra cash for holidays or Christmas, or another project. The list goes on...and on...!

Where and how do I sell?

We recommend all organisers get a few 'parties' under their belt to get to grips with the business and to establish a pool of contacts. You can hold these parties at home or in local groups and clubs.

Once you get established, you can choose to work with schools too, such as a sponsored read, book fair or direct library order. You take orders and buy the books at the discounted price, so your earnings go straight into your pocket!

How do I get started?

As your Team Leader, I am here to support you and cheer you on at every stage. Usborne have put together the Passport to Success Quickstart Programme, which is a series of four goals to get your business off to a fantastic start. As you achieve each goal, your success is recognised and rewarded, boosting your business even further.

  • Kit Boost - you will receive a pack of books and stationery worth over £50
  • Kit Refund - Usborne will refund the cost of your Starter Kit
  • Recruiter's Reward - you will receive a four month subscription to the Online Marketing Package, giving you your own personalised website and monthly e-newsletter
  • Double Promotion Bonus - you will receive a £200 cash bonus and enter the Business Development Programme

There are regular meeting and training opportunities across the UK which you may attend as suits you. Usborne also have an extensive Organiser’s Website, with hints, tips and downloadable material. They also provide quality marketing literature in the form of leaflets and catalogues.

In addition to this I would be your personal mentor, for all the day to day queries and advice on how to start and grow your business in a way that fits your family and your commitments. I have attained the level of Team Leader and have many years’ experience helping many Organisers set up their own business.

We also have an award winning online forum for our Division, where you can meet many more Organisers across the UK & EU. You can canvass opinions from a whole range of Organisers with different family and work circumstances. All this is available 24/7, to truly fit with your lifestyle and how you wish to work.

What are my obligations?

Usborne’s only request is that you place at least one order of £100 RRP in your first 12 weeks. This allows you a safety net to see that you are comfortable with the business and keeps the cost of the Starter Kit low for those interested in the business. In reality, most people achieve this order at their Starter Party, so it really isn't a problem to achieve it in 12 weeks!

Go for it!

With some hard work, anyone can make a business of Usborne and I would love to welcome you to my team.

If you want to work only during term time, or only in the run up to Christmas (for instance), that’s fine. However, if you want to go all the way and make Usborne your “career” I can show you how. I no longer choose to be employed and have built a business that supports me and my son, whilst allowing me to be a (more or less!) full-time Mum.

To join, simply complete the on-line for here, but please do get in touch for a chat about it all first, so that we can plan your first few weeks to get you off to a flying start! Your Starter Kit will take 3-5 days to arrive but I'll be in touch as soon as you the Office notify me that you have joined.

You will have lots of support from me as your Team Leader, our Division of Organisers all over the country through an online forum, and Head Office via the Organiser Website (you get full access once you are an Organiser).

Thank you for your interest and I hope to welcome you to my Team soon!

Emma x

Emma Drury

Team Leader, Usborne Books at Home

Top UK Recruiter 2011

4th Top Team 2012

Top Divisional Team 2013

You and your future customers can be confident in the knowledge that Usborne are full members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)

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