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October 21, 2019

Champions Together Trainings Update

Did you know that...

  • Becoming part of Champions Together does not necessarily mean your students have to "compete" against other schools?
  • Team sports are not a requirement, either. You can begin with Unified PE or a fitness club within your school. The picture at right is from Brownsburg's biking club.
  • Special Olympics has a new point person to work with Champions Together in the Middle, Tori Cox. Tori is reaching out to some of our schools with explanations and opportunities to learn more about the program.
  • An important feature of the program is that it is student-led, student-empowered.
  • AMLE just featured this article about a middle school in Minnesota and how Champions made them a part of the "Inclusion Revolution." We feel that our Champions participants in Indiana would also be worthy of being featured!
  • We now have trainings scheduled at Brownsburg East, Rochester, Lowell, and South Ripley. If you are interested in participating, even if these dates (listed below in the calendar) will not work, or if you have any questions, please contact Tori.

Why is Middle School So Hard for So Many People?

This article from the Atlantic has gained a lot of traction in the past few weeks, and could provoke some interesting discussions. Do you agree with the research cited in relation to grade configurations? The need for more air conditioning? It mentions the messiness and mistakes of our students, but concludes, "Yet those mistakes—and the growth that follows—are precisely what give middle school its meaning."

Teaming in the Middle School: Three Different Approaches

As a part of our school's first pilot teams in 1990 (yes, I'm old) we were sent to a workshop with Dr. Elliot Merenbloom, an expert on teaming; he's still providing insights and advice on this! In the most recent issue of the AMLE Magazine, he shares several approaches, ways to organize, and functions of effective middle school teams. With so many different school sizes and configurations, there's definitely no one-size-fits-all, but several of our Indiana middle schools have found creative ways to harness the power of teams.

Free Program with Author Richard Louv, November 1 at Clowes Hall

Melissa Moran from the Children of Nature Park/The Nature Conservancy has been an exhibitor at our conference the past two years. They are one of the sponsors of this November 1 special event with Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder and eight other books. You can download the informational flyer here. Tickets are required, but are free via He will include how natural learning environments improve the ability to learn and be creative; and also how connecting with animals can transform our lives— and help save theirs. Feel free to forward this opportunity to anyone who might be interested.

Great Math Resources

The newest edition of Robin Conti's #INspirEDmath from DOE just came out today. If your math teachers are not already signed up for this monthly newsletter, please encourage them to do so! This month's edition includes some of the math experts I see mentioned the most on twitter, including @SteveWyborney and @robertkaplinsky. Throw in Dan Myer, @ddmyer, @joboaler of youcubed fame, and our DOE, and teachers really do have a wealth of resources!

BTW, if you are attending any of the math (or other) meetings held at IASP, you can look for our office just to the left of the conference entrance door to see if we are in!

Masterpieces at the Manor: An Evening with Rita Spalding

The Children's Museum in Indianapolis has many top-flight PD opportunities for teachers. Next up is an evening with artist Rita Spalding on November 13 (register by November 6) Spalding will teach a hands-on lesson in the beautiful setting of the Historic Manor at the museum using some and rarely seen collection pieces.


Highlights included in Update: Thank You for sharing these Updates with your staff. (Also see download below.)

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