The Wisconsin storys

Fur Trade, lead Mining and more! By: Skylar R.

Fur Trade

The fur trade began when people said they claimed to have seen a great supply of fur bearing animals. French fur traders heard these tales and came to Wisconsin to see for them self's. They only wanted things that made there life's better.Like knives,blankets and kinds of cloth. These trades were the first economic link between Indians and Europeans. The fur trade was ended when Indian tribes were moved off trading land and they were no longer allowed to hunt for the animals to get the fur they needed. American farmers moved on the land and began to farm. All the fur companies shut down there were no more fur companies in Wisconsin.

Did you know that white men followed Jean Nicolet to Wisconsin to lead mine!

Lead Mining

The first lead miners were the Indians, to get the lead they needed they could just pick it up from the top of the ground. If they didn't get enough there they would only have to dig a few feet down. In that time lead was used for shot or bullets for guns. Lead was really important then because it was used for money during the fur trade. Most lead miners dug up lead so they could use it to trade for needs. In 1847 all of the surface lead had been taken and the workers kept digging to find lead but they hit water. Mine owners brought in Cornish miners to solve the water problem. After a while the gold rush came on and many of the workers moved near were the gold rush was happening. The others turned to farming. That was the end of lead mining.

Lumber Industry

When settlers first came, the northern half of Wisconsin was forest. It was all owned by the government. Lumber companies sent men to pinery. After logs were cut they were floated downstream to sawmills. The sawmills cut the logs into lumber. The lumber was used for houses and other goods. The Lumber industry's ended when the Chicago fire happened on October 8th, 1871. This fire killed 200 people it became famous. The peshtigo fire happened the same day and killed 1,000 people but yet it did not become famous.