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If the tooth is chipped but does not hurt.

How To Handle A Knocked-Out Tooth Or Other Dental Emergency

An afternoon at the park playing ball with the kids, a hike in the forest or tripping over the cat and slamming face-first into the granite counter top can all end in the same way - frantically looking for an emergency dentist's phone number. A tooth has been knocked out. What do you do now?

Call the Dentist Immediately for an Emergency Visit for Any of These Problems:

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is one of the most common reasons that someone might have for needing to see an emergency dentist. Time is critical; the time window for successful implantation can be as short as 1-2 hours.
Do not touch the roots of the tooth. Pick up by the top of the tooth.
Carefully rinse tooth off. Prevent tooth from being dropped by the drain by covering drain with a small piece of fabric (washcloth, etc.).
Try to gently fit the tooth back into the socket and hold in place.
If the tooth cannot be put back into the socket, put it into a small container, preferably with milk.

Loose Tooth

Very gently, try to move the tooth into its correct position.
You may want to bite down to keep tooth in place.
Chipped or Cracked Tooth That Hurts

If the tooth is fractured, there is probably damage inside the tooth. The damage may be so severe that the tooth cannot be saved. To improve the chances of saving the tooth:

Gently rinse mouth with warm water.

Apply a cold compress to face to reduce swelling.
For pain, take acetaminophen (not aspirin), following package directions.
Do not use a painkiller on the gums, including Orajel.
The dentist will need to do an x-ray in order to determine what needs to be done. Possible treatments could include a crown or a root canal (if the tooth pulp is damaged).

If the tooth is chipped but does not hurt, this does not normally require an emergency visit, but see a dentist within the next few days.

Any Injury Inside the Mouth, Such as a Puncture Wound

Rinse the mouth with warm water.
Use a gauze pad and pressure to slow down bleeding.
Go to the emergency room or to an oral surgeon immediately.
An Abscess or a Severe Infection

This can be very serious; see a dentist immediately or go to the emergency room.

Active children and teens are just as likely as an adult to suddenly need emergency dental care. A Childrens dentist in Edwards Avon and Vail CO. who regularly deals with children would be the first choice when a child has suffered a knocked-out tooth or other injury. Dentistry for children in Avon Vail and Edwards CO is PaulCorcoranDDS.

The key to success is getting treatment as soon as possible. Don't panic, but be very careful to prevent further damage to the tooth. Paul Corcoran DDS is a childrens dentist in Avon Edwards and Vail Colorado.