Moorhead Junior High

December 2019/January 2020 Newsletter

Fall Picture Make up day

Fall Picture Day is December 4, 2019.

2020-2021 Calendar feedback

Conroe ISD is seeking public input on the 2020-2021 school calendar. Feedback may be submitted from Friday, November 22, 2019, through 8:00 a.m. on Monday, January 6, 2020 via the District’s website. To review the draft calendars and provide feedback, please visit the School Calendar Process webpage.

2019-2020 Yearbooks are on sale!

Moorhead JH yearbooks are on sale now for $45 each until March 31st. Yearbooks will be $55 after March 31st. We have only ordered a specific amount. If you would like to order a yearbook, you may either order through Ms. McGrath in the front office or order online. If you would like to order online, you will go to and click on yearbook.

Winter Dance

The Moorhead Junior High Winter Dance will be held Thursday, December 12, 2019 from

1:15pm – 3:45pm. Tickets are 7.00 dollars in advance and 10.00 the day of the dance. Tickets go on sale during lunches on December 9th. Please buy your pre-sale ticket early! We have a limited number of tickets available.

Moorhead Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)

Our 2018-2019 Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) has been posted on your school's profile page. The accountability reports can be accessed using the following steps:

From the school’s website:

· Go to "Our School/Campus"

· Click “View School Profile"

· Select “Accountability Reports”

· Click “2018-2019”

· Select "Texas Academic Performance Report or Federal Report Card"

Semester Exam Schedule

Students will take major exams the last week of the fall semester. It is very important for students to be present for these major tests. So that your child can do his/her best, please plan any vacations or healthcare appointments around exam dates. Finals count ten percent of the semester grade for junior high courses and fifteen percent for high school classes. Any missed exam should be made up with the specific instructor the week of January 8 through 10.

Dates for final exams are listed below.

First Semester Exam Schedule

12/17/19 – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Period Finals

12/18/19 – 5th, 6th, 7th Period Finals

12/19/19 - 4th Period Final and early release day at 1:00pm

For planning purposes, second semester exams are May 26, 2020 – May 28, 2020.

December Events

Dec. 6 - Rudolph/reindeer day

Dec. 9 - Band Concert 7:30pm @CCHS

Dec. 10 - Choir Concert 6:00pm @ CCHS

Dec. 12 - Winter Dance (During school day)

Dec. 13 - Santa Hat day

Dec. 17 - 19 - Final Exams

Jan. 8 - First Day of classes

Jan. 20 - No school (MLK Day)

Jan. 23 - Dr. Crystal Collier parent presentation 6:30pm

Early Release on December 19th

Our campus will have early release Thursday, December 19th, at 1:00 p.m. Buses will depart at approximately 1:05 p.m. on this date. Please plan for the potential of heavier traffic at the pick-up lines.

First Day of School!

Wednesday, January 8th is the first day of school for the second semester!

National Junior Honor Society Fundraiser


11/18/19 through 12/13/19

Bring items to cafeteria stage from 8:00 - 8:30 AM.

Bring 5 items in one donation = reward coupon for 1 of your classes!

***NO MEATS ***

Dried or canned pasta/noodles

Pasta sauce (cans ONLY)

Tomatoes (diced, crushed, whole, or sauce)

Dried beans (pinto, black, navy beans)

Seasoned beans (Pork & Beans, Ranch Style Beans)




Pancake mix

Cornbread mix

Syrup (in plastic container, not glass)

Condensed milk



Dried spices (garlic, onion, paprika, cumin, Italian seasoning, cinnamon, pepper, salt)

Soups (chicken noodle, tomato, broccoli & cheese, potato)


Vegetables (corn, green beans, carrots, peas, potatoes, mushrooms)

Canned olives and jalapeños

***Please check expiration dates!***

The Neuroscience of High-Risk Behavior

All Moorhead Jr. High parents are invited to join us for a presentation by Dr. Crystal Collier on the Neuroscience of High-Risk Behaviors on January 23rd at 6:30pm in the Moorhead Cafeteria.

The average age of first use of alcohol for teen boys is 11 and 13 for teen girls. The average age of first exposure to pornography is 9. More teens are suffering from depression than any other time in our history. What is happening in our culture and to our children’s development? The Neuroscience of High-Risk Behavior teaches parents how substances and other high-risk behaviors such as alcohol/drugs, food addiction, and technology overuse affect healthy brain development and how to prevent children and adolescents from engaging in such risky behavior.

Big picture

Students of the Month

Congratulations to our November Students of the Month!

Uriel I. (Not pictured)

Faith N.

Natalie B.

Braylon R.

Survey for parents of students served in special education

Dear parents,

Please take a moment to complete this survey if you have a child that is served through special services.

Participants should complete the survey on or before December 6, 2019.

English version survey:

Spanish version parent survey:

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A Note from the Seventh Grade ELA Dept.

Dear 7th Grade ELA Parents,

Our department has kicked it in high gear this 9 weeks! We have been working hard at identifying main ideas and supporting details in Nonfiction both in reading and writing. Your students are working on writing Nonfiction books on topics they know about. We cannot wait to see the final product. To wrap up our semester, we will be teaching drama skills using Charles Dickens' drama, A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol allows us to encompass a variety of skills including stage directions, dialogue, dialect, and elements of plot, just to name a few. We will also tie in non-fiction skills with passages regarding social issues occurring in society today. If you would prefer your child not read A Christmas Carol, please notify your child’s teacher prior to the break so she/he may put together alternative lessons that will address the same skills.

Also, be on the lookout for Targeted Tutorial Letters being sent home after Thanksgiving Break. These tutorials are designed to “target” student weaknesses based on skills. They will be held before and after school beginning after Christmas Break. If you student shows a weakness in one or more skills, he/she will bring a letter home to you to choose a time and date for tutorials. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact your child’s ELA teacher.

The 7th ELA Team would like you to know that your student does have homework on a weekly basis. We issue new homework each Monday and ask for it to come back by Friday. This homework does count as a quiz grade. If your student does not complete the homework, they do receive a ZERO for a grade. Many students’ grades are dropping because they are not completing their homework. The Student Success Center is available Monday – Thursday if your student needs extra time or help in completing their homework.

This has been a great semester! We look forward to seeing our students excel in 7th ELA!

A Note from Nurse Toni

Dear Parents,

Hearing, Spinal, and Vision referral letters were mailed out the end of November 11th-15th week. Please take those forms with you to have the doctor fill out and have your student return it to the Clinic. If you have any questions please contact the clinic, 936)709-2410.

If you child is diagnosed with the Flu, please notify the school.

All medication has to be brought in by a parent/guardian and signed into the clinic.

MJH Theatre competes at Oak Ridge High!

Our students did a great job at Oak Ridge this weekend! They had their best performance yet and came away with four awards.

Dailyn Morales - Best Technician

Sallyse Jones - Honorable Mention

Maeghan Evans - Honorable Mention

Makayla Barnes - All Star Cast

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Is Social Media playing a part in the increase of anxiety and depression in Teens?

Pew Research, 2018 states:

  • 95% of teens have access to a smartphone
  • 45% have non-stop access
  • 10%+ cannot control online behavior
    • If you can't control yourself is it an addiction?
  • “Digital Heroin”
    • the term created based on brain research showing the dopamine levels in the brain when using social media
    • Gaming has also shown similar effects

Is Social Media Positive or Negative? - what do kids say?

  • 31% say it is mostly POSITIVE
  • 45% say it has no effect
  • 24% say it is mostly NEGATIVE

Hashtag Trends to be aware of:

  • #sue: suicide
  • #deb: depression
  • #ana: anorexia
  • #thinsp: thinspiration (photos/messages that “inspire” an effort to become thin)
  • #svv: self-harming behavior

Helpful Text Sites:

How is it Affecting the Teen Brain? - (is it reversible?)

Physical Issues (not reversible):

  • Vision: vision loss, at-risk for macular degeneration
  • Increase: Teen migraines
  • Finger/wrist pain
  • “Text neck” (premature degeneration of neck and spine)
  • “Phantom Vibration Syndrome”

Mental Health Issues (reversible):

  • Decrease in self-confidence
  • Peer Pressure increase
  • Anxiety increase
  • Depression increase

Increase in Suicidal Ideation (SDSU study 2019):

  • Teens spending 5+ hours daily online (social media):
    • 71% more likely to have at least one risk factor for suicide
  • Risk decreases exponentially for teens spending 1 hour daily or less

Increase in Social Isolation (American Journal of Preventative Medicine 2017)

  • Teens on social media more than 58 times per week:
    • 3x’s more likely to feel socially isolated
  • Less feelings of isolation if less than 9 times on social media per week
  • Teens equate # of SM friends to reality

Brain Issues (may or may not be reversible):

  • Decrease in ability to multi-task and memory decline

  • Inability to regulate emotions

  • Reading "likes" and "shares" vs. gestures or facial expressions

  • Psychological addiction and impairment in hippocampus and amygdala

Social Media is constantly activating our Fight, Flight, or Freeze (survival) response:

THIS can eventually lead to:

  • High blood pressure

  • Hypertension/cardiovascular disease

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • More frequent illnesses

  • Eating issues

  • Mental health issues

SO WHY are teens doing this??!

  • Because - a social media notification=“digital heroin”
  • Then - the brain sends dopamine along a reward pathway
  • Which - ​feels good (reward)

  • Before - we know it behavior becomes a habit

So...What is the Effect of Social Media on Student Population?

  • Source of distraction
  • Herd mentality

  • Degree of anger by teen victims of bullying associated w/increased exposure to media

  • Lack of EMPATHY/Sociopathology

  • Working memory and selective attention issues

  • Sensory information and response issues

  • Emotional reactivity

  • Lack of cognitive control over emotions

  • Increased anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation

The reality is this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to research on Social Media and the Brain. When we are wondering why anxiety and depression are on the rise we can't ignore the research. Are kids able to use social media during their school day? If so, they are activating their fight, flight or freeze response which is known as the emotional brain. When kids are in their emotional brain they can't access their thinking part of their brain which affects learning.

Students today are always looking for an advantage to push them to the top.

I wonder how things would change if they knew the two easiest ways to get an advantage are:

  • Getting 9 hours of sleep a night
  • Limiting Social Media

The Caney Creek High School Starlettes Present

Small Stars Workshop And Breakfast with Santa

When: December 7th, 2019

Time: Breakfast with Santa 8:00-9:00am

Small Stars Clinic: 9:00-12:30pm

Where: Caney Creek Dance Room

What Is It: A chance to learn from our very own CCHS Starlettes drill team!

Start the morning with a delicious pancake breakfast where you will be joined by Santa Claus! Get your picture taken with Santa in our photo area and enjoy other exciting activities!

After breakfast, Small Stars (students Pre-K to 8th grade) will begin a Dance Intensive Winter Workshop and learn a dance from the Starlettes. All Winter Workshop participants are invited to perform at the Starlettes Winter Wonderland that same night at 7:00pm.

For their participation, all Small Stars will receive a free t-shirt, afternoon snacks, a picture with Santa, and one parent ticket to the show. All dancers get in free to the show.

For the performance, Small Stars should wear Christmas PJs and their Winter Workshop t-shirt.

$10 Pancake Breakfast (additional to the workshop)

$20 Early Registration for Returning Small Stars

$25 Early Registration (November 18-December 6) or

$30 Late Registration on the day of the Clinic

**All Payments Will Be Taken at the Door**

You may come to both the Breakfast and the Workshop or you can choose one.

Please wear dance/workout clothes and sneakers/dance shoes.

Have your hair pulled back and NO gum please! For more information or questions, please contact Ms. Kloes at or 409-718-1334 or Ms. Aureli or 802-999-1637

Workshop Registration Form


Age: _____ Grade: _____ School:_________________________



Parent/Guardian Name and Phone Number:


Emergency Contact Person (if different than parent/guardian)

Name: _____________________________________________

Relationship:__________________ Phone: _________________

Shirt Size: Please circle one

Child XS S M L XL

Adult XS S M L XL Other________

Please check the appropriate columns. NOTE: Workshop Registration does NOT include the Pancake Breakfast.

Pancake Breakfast $10 Early Registration (Returner) $20 Early Registration (1st Time) $25 Walk in Registration $30

All money will be collected the day of the Workshop.


I release CISD, CCHS, the Starlettes organization, the Starlettes, the Starlettes Booster Club, Ms. Kloes, and Ms. Aureli from all responsibility for personal belongings of participants or of any injury incurred by participants in this event. If a medical emergency occurs and I cannot be contacted, I give my permission for medical care to be rendered.

I understand that all fees paid are non-refundable.

_________________________________________ ________________

2019-2020 PTO Meetings

Each year our PTO host a number of meetings were we address important issues for our parents, guardians, and students. PTO members help our school by:

  • Volunteering at our many different school activities
  • Organizing fund raisers
  • Planning staff meals and special treat days
  • Supporting teachers and students in the classroom

Our next meeting is January 15th at 3pm in the Moorhead conference room.


The Student Success Center (SSC) opened Monday, September 16th. The SSC is open Monday through Thursdays from 4:05 – 5:10. Students staying after school for tutorials can be picked up by the bus ramp or can ride the late bus home. Late buses depart Moorhead at 5:15pm.

Student Success Center Expectations

· Long before 4:00pm students should know how they are getting home (car or late bus); in other words, they do not decide at 4:00 that they need to stay for SSC.

· 4:05 – Students line up at the 7th grade library door, extending towards the cafeteria; whether they hear a dismissal announcement or not, they are released from class at 4:05 (no earlier) for SSC. They should not arrive later than 4:15.

· Students hand SSC facilitator on duty their official, teacher signed SSC pass.

· Students sign in on one of the iPads.

· Students begin working quietly at the appropriate subject area table until tutors arrive.

· Electronic devices are not allowed unless a tutor or SSC facilitator has given permission to use them.

· Students must ask the SSC facilitator for permission to use the restroom.

· Car riders are dismissed at 5:05pm and late bus riders are dismissed at 5:10pm.

Communities in Schools (CIS)

Moorhead Junior High has a Communities in Schools (CIS) Social Services Coordinator, Ms. Kala Ganapathy. Ms. Ganapathy is on campus daily and is available to help with the basic needs of our students. Some of resources offered by our CIS counselor include:

· Food Pantry (shelf stable items as well as fresh food when available)

· Clothing

· School Supplies

· Lunch groups (by invitation)

· Holiday assistance

· Weekend food assistance

The CIS office is located inside the small gym. You may request assistance by contacting Ms. Ganapathy directly at (936)709-2449.


Attendance is one of the main indicators of student success. The first bell rings at 8:35am and class instruction starts at 8:40am. If your child is absent please be sure to turn in a note from your health care provider.

State law requires that students must be in attendance for a minimum of 90% of the instructional days for which they are enrolled during a school year in order to be promoted. The law goes on to state that it is the parent’s duty to monitor the students’ attendance and require the student to attend school.

Regular school attendance is important. Please make vacation arrangements during holidays and weekend to avoid students missing important classroom instruction. The last day of school for the Fall semester if Dec. 19th. Thanksgiving break is Nov. 25 – Nov. 29.

Parent and Student Access Center

Parents and guardians have free access to Parent Access Center via . This portal gives complete access to student grades, attendance, tardies, discipline, STAAR scores, and other information. This tool can also give parents and guardians the opportunity to set thresholds where you will be emailed scores of each assignment. Students also have the same access via Student Access Center.

TAE – Teacher Achieving Excellence is a great opportunity to recognize a teacher that is making a difference in your child’s life. The electronic award can be created and sent through Parent Access. An email will be sent to the teacher as well as campus administrators.

Anonymous Alerts

Conroe ISD will continue implementation of the Anonymous Alerts – anti bullying app. Anonymous Alerts is a patented student anti-bullying app that helps combat bullying and other negative activity in schools by empowering students to come forward to help themselves and other students. Social and peer pressures are some of the hardest obstacles for students to overcome, now they can report bullying and safety issues quickly using Anonymous Alerts mobile app.

Students or parents in the school community can anonymously submit alerts about suspicious activity, safety threats, bullying, alcohol or drug use, harassment, family issues, school shooter, campus safety concerns, and self-harm issues to school administrators or counselors. The app is free from the Apple Store, Google Play store, and the Chrome store. Students will still have the option to call Kid Chat to report anything at 1-800-kid-chat.

The Conroe Independent School District (District) as an equal opportunity educational provider and employer does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in educational programs or activities that it operates or in employment matters. The District is required by Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as Board policy not to discriminate in such a manner.

For information about Title IX rights or Section 504/ADA rights, contact the Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504/ADA coordinator at 3205 W. Davis, Conroe, TX 77304; (936) 709-7752.