From Cocoa Beans to Chocolate



Do you know where the sweet, heavenly chocolate comes from ? Well your in luck I do! And I'm going to tell you everything from the farm to the unbelievable facts!


The proses starts on a farm, where the cacao tree grows in the amouzon. It produces the cocoa bean witch is formed in a shell . The bean is harvested by hand and placed in a sack where it stays for weeks while it develops flavor. The bean turn's brown and dries. Then the bags are shipped to factory's.


Once the beans get to the factory they are inspected, if approved the beans are heated and cooled. Next the shell is removed. Then the beans are crushed and separated from the cocoa butter and turned into cocoa powder. Then it is mixed with sugar, milk , and the cocoa butter. Next the mix is put into a mold and sent to a cooling chamber where they get ready for wrapping and shipping to stores accost the country.


chocolate can be made into a chocolate bar, a chocolate milk shake, cookies, cake, and meny other things. You can bey chocolate at Hyvee, Target, Costgo, Wallmart, and more.

Fun Facts

Did you know chocolate contane's vary little caffeine, in fact one chocolate bar = one cup of decaffeinated coffee. Chocolate does not cause migraines, cavities or tooth decay. Chocolate go's back 1,000 years and there are 300 brands of chocolate.


Now you know how chocolate is made, and thanks for reading.
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